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Q&A: A Peek Into Pipin's Creative Genius

Self-described as a ‘dreamy pop queen’, it’s time to get better aquatinted with Brisbane singer songwriter Pipin. Making her debut in 2020, Pipin has been working her magic across the Brisbane music scene with captivating performances and new releases. Writing about the universal highs and lows of life, Pipin brings her unique creative vision to everything she touches. Releasing her gorgeous debut EP Your Time Is Your Own in May, it’s safe to say we’re dying to hear these new tracks performed live. You can grab tickets to see Pipin play alongside some incredible local artists at the Brisbane Indie 'Winter' Project here. In the lead up to this exciting gig, we couldn't resist the chance to ask Pipin some questions!

How would you describe the creative process of making your debut EP Your TIme Is Your Own? 

"This EP was composed between the years 2018 and 2021. It’s a collaboration between myself and my partner, Hugh Middleton, who produced the tracks and mixed/mastered a lot of the EP (other mixing and mastering done by Pip Sullivan). Writing and recording the EP has been a process of self-exploration, as I’ve grown in confidence as a musician and performer and human. Creating the EP was one of the most confronting, but rewarding things I’ve ever done. You really hold a mirror up to yourself and your emotions and there’s a lot of deep questioning that goes

on. I think especially in the beginning, when you’re not sure if the songs can even be anything, there’s a lot of uncertainty. As I’ve established myself more and more, I no longer question whether making music is something that I should be doing – it’s become a natural extension of myself."

What themes inspired your songwriting in Your Time Is Your Own

"The EP is all about reclaiming your own time. It soundtracks a period in my life where I transitioned from being a student and learner to entering the workforce full time and just feeling really disconnected from my creativity and childlike wonder. The music is all those colours and shades of emotion that I’ve felt whilst trying to navigate how to exist in the world. I hope it encourages others to reflect on how they might reclaim some of their own time to do something they love. It’s easy to be stuck in a narrative that we always have to be moving forward, but there’s so much to be experienced by simply just being."

There’s a strong visual element to everything you create, have you always had this artistic vision for your music? Who are some of your biggest musical influences? 

"I always wanted the project to span across many different art forms (photography, film, dance and fashion). I’ve been lucky to work with some key people who have really helped to shape my vision and aesthetic into a reality (thanks Thomas Calder, Anwyn Howarth and Nina Magnani!). I’ve always been really inspired by Bjork and the way she creates this amazing and captivating world. It’s enchanting and just adds so many dimensions to her art."

You’ve already managed to squeeze a fair few gigs in this year, how has it been to play live again after last year? What's a concert you're dying to go to this year? 

"It’s been absolutely awesome! I am seriously addicted to playing live. I get horrible nerves before playing, so it’s always such an adrenaline rush to be out there and I feel incredibly lucky for every opportunity we have. I’m hoping to head down to Spring Time on the Gold Coast in September – that line up looks EPIC."

How would you describe your sound to new listeners? 

"The sound is ever changing, but I feel like if you enjoy glittery psychedelic pop – you’ll be into Pipin."

What else is in store this year for Pipin? 

"Just a lot more music and shows. I’m so blessed to be able to create and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon."

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