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Q&A: Asha Jefferies Talks Touring and Local Music

Photo Credit: Josh Tate

Brisbane singer songwriter Asha Jefferies has been busy on tour celebrating her gorgeous new track ‘Crybaby’. For those who aren't familiar, Asha Jefferies combines indie pop and folk to share her vulnerabilities and form unique connections with listeners. At the 2021 Queensland Music Awards, Asha was Highly Commended for the Billy Thorpe Scholarship and the Folk/Singer Songwriter award. Asha was kind enough to chat with us about everything from touring to the tightknit Brisbane music scene. You can still grab last minute tickets to her remaining Adelaide and Fremantle tour dates.

What are you most looking forward to about The Crybaby tour?

"Going to Freo and seeing that beautiful sun setting over the ocean!"

You’ve toured with some incredible artists over the past few years, how does it feel to be headlining your own shows?

"It's like organising a roving Birthday party for yourself in each city.. it's scary and can feel like it's all on your shoulders, but VERY fun and rewarding."

Of course all your support acts are wonderful, but were there any artists in particular that you've always been keen to have with you on tour?

"I'm such a big fan of all the artists who are playing these shows with me! I met Fraeya when I first went to Fremantle for the first time in 2019. We bumped into each other at an op-shop and she said she loved my music - I was so chuffed and have always wanted to go back and play a show together since!"

You’ve embraced a more pop influenced sound on your latest track ‘Crybaby’, is this the start of a new direction in your music?

"Yeah I guess so! I love personal storytelling and intimate spaces within a song. I've also fallen in love with production and making the songs burst with different flavours. The goal with these new songs have been to keep things intimate but explosive at the same time."

Who’s an Australian artist you can’t get enough of right now?

"I'm loving Buttercats, Remi Wolf and new Andy Bull at the moment!"

From your experience how would you describe the Brisbane scene, perhaps in contrast to the other major hubs?

"Brisbane is small and connected, a very supportive community of unique individuals. I love how laid back it is here."

Is there a particular social cause / record / career goal that you're passionate about right now?

"Live performance is so important to me and I'm super passionate about helping the music industry come back to a more sustainable place after COVID - especially venue capacity restrictions. There is a petition called Play Fair - Let Live Music Live launched by the venue owners of the Fortitude Music Hall in Brisbane. You can sign it here."

What’s the main thing you want people to take away from your music? What do you want to help them feel?

"Writing and playing music is a very vulnerable and healing experience for me. It helps me connect to myself and if it can help other people connect to their inner world and vulnerabilities, then that's really cool!"

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