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Q&A: Future Haunts And The Issues That Tear At Society's ‘Social Glue’

Credit: Zara Duffy

Music is a vessel, and as we see through some of our favourite tracks, allows us to delve into new worlds and escape. However, through their musical journey, Future Haunts are reflecting on a world much like our own, using their latest single ‘Social Glue’ to discuss the toxic forms of masculinity and the overarching patriarchal nature of society. Through a distinguished formula of punk and alternative sounds embedded into an anthemic yet deeply personal track, Future Haunts caught our attention (and our ears)! We had a chat with vocalist and guitarist, Ben, about their powerful message and the social experiences that influenced ‘Social Glue’.

Social Glue’ is an assertive and very important track! What inspired your discussion of patriarchal tendencies and toxic masculinity?

For me, it’s something that’s always been simmering under the surface, but I’ve only recently been able to write about it. Growing up in a small town like Bundaberg, I think these aspects have a tendency to become well and truly front and center in everyday life - anyone who was into the arts, showed any level of vulnerability or deviated from the usual “roles” we’re assigned was basically sidelined or ostracized in a social sense. The main catalyst for putting it out there in a physical form was becoming a father last year, having to confront my own shortcomings in the area head-on and decide what type of role model I want to be.

Do you think your time in the music scene has shifted your existing views on this topic- for better or for worse?

Not really, if anything I think it’s given me more perspective that there are actually a lot of like-minded people around (even if they aren’t the loudest voices in the room so to speak) and helped give me more confidence to write about it.

In a similar way, this track sees you unveil personal experiences. As a band, did you all bring forward similar experiences, or did the writing process illuminate just how vast and different this situation can be for everyone?

I do think it’s an issue that can polarise people and generate tension (mostly out of fear of change), but as a band, we’re all firmly on the same page here and stand behind the experiences and messaging through the track.

This track sees you delve into a punk sound that blends into your signature style! Who were some of your influences for this track?

I’d have to say Bad Dreems for this one, whether that was a conscious thing or not I’m unsure! I’m into them quite a bit and we played a show with them around the time we wrote 'Social Glue'. We made a conscious decision to have that straight-up driving edge to it and not let too much studio trickery or overproduction get in its way.

‘Social Glue’ is anthemic and worthy of shouting, making it seem like a perfect song for live shows! Was the live presence of the song something that was considered during the writing and recording process? How can we expect this song to be put across live?

Definitely. The way we’ve written most of our stuff to this point is to get in a room, turn everything up and go for it. Obviously, things get fine-tuned along the way but I think with us there’s always going to be that strong translation to a live setting. I’ve been told it’s the most energetic song we have so expect things to be in your face with lots of shouting.

Will any future releases tap into this punk-infused sound, or will you continue to delve into new and different genres?

We’ll definitely keep it hot and spicy but continue to explore some different styles and textures on this latest bunch of tracks!

What can we expect to see next from the band?

Hard to be certain in a two-speed covid world, but if we get our way there will be plenty of content on the way. EP plus tour looking like hot tips for 2021!

Check out the Social Glue Lyric Video made by Neupure (Billy Fleming of Hockey Dad)

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