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Q&A: Isotopes Spill Their Top Five Favourite Acts

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Isotopes are no strangers to the scene, paving a new direction with their incredibly dynamic composition and powerfully emotive storytelling. Their latest single, ‘WYWFM’ is, of course, no exception- molding a song fitted with eloquent verses and an anthemic chorus into a discussion of love and its many ramifications. Within the track, Isotopes put their best foot forward, with an alluring melody, intriguing instrumental performance, and an emotionally charged vocal feat from frontman Justin Miller- a testament to their work, always built from foundations of sincerity and genuine storytelling.

Emerging from Sydney’s scene, Isotopes have risen and been surrounded by a multitude of acts, both city and nationwide. We asked the band to let us in on their top 5 up-and-coming acts to get our dose of the best acts the scene has to offer!


Hailing from Sydney, Teeth is the filthy heavy metalcore band you need in your life. They just released their new EP, ‘Dark Harvest’, with features from dynamic vocalists Mikey Arthur (The Gloom in the Corner) and Chris Zagas (Heists). If you wanted to go to a show and just absolutely throw it down, this is the band you want to see. Every song on this EP has chunky basslines, ruthless riffs, and undoubtedly heavy breakdowns - these guys just keep improving with each release and we can’t wait to see what they do next.


Closure popped up in the scene a couple of years ago with their first single ‘Bedroom’, which opens with a very math-rock-eqsue riff, complemented by smooth vocal tones and topped off with some very melodic hardcore screams towards the end - a wild mix but this Sydney trio pulled it off. Their most recent single ‘With You’ shows that this band can write catchy and beautiful tunes that could easily feel like the soundtrack to your love life. With the way this band is releasing tunes, their only way to go is up, and we’re here for it.


Melbourne band Outloved has been a band that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since hearing their first single “Dying to Leave” in 2019. They really seem to enjoy what they are doing, and for a newer band on the scene, have the drive and energy I’ve come to expect of bands a lot further into their career. Also, vocalist Jaydon Colvin managed to put on a solid performance at their last Sydney show despite being literally hit by a car a week before. That will always have my respect.


Our brothers from Sydney Australia! This is a band that you should be jamming! Their mixture of catchy choruses blended with a veracious heavy backing is one band that will be a staple in the Australian post-hardcore scene. Their latest EP “Connexition” blew us away especially their lead single of that EP titled “Heavy Eyes”. If you haven’t yet sussed these up-and-comers, be sure to get onto it!


Sydney rap/rock/metal/smooth jazz outfit has been crushing it lately with their latest release 'Bad Decisions' and recent headline tour around Australia. From the title track 'Bad Decisions' through to 'Alien' - there is not a musical itch that Emmy, Craig, and Alex have not scratched. Including super catchy choruses in "Bad Decisions" to saxophone solos in "I Don't Keep Up", this has to be one of the most musically contrasting EPs as of late. Having supported some Australian giants such as Hands like Houses and embarking on their own headline tour, RedHook knows how to put on a fiery show, full of crushing riffs, crowd participation and on-stage antics which are sure to entertain the most seasoned of gig-goers.

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