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Q&A: Mammal Remind Us Of The Good Times, And Excite Us With What’s To Come

Mammal have garnered an incredible relationship with Australian audiences for some time, with their signature funk-metal sound igniting the studio and stage alike! In the most recent addition of Halloween Hysteria, Mammal is heading the lineup, set to bring their passion and undying connection to one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. With a lineup packed to the brim with new talent and old favourites, what’s not to love!

We had a chat with Mammal about the return of live shows, and a possible return of new music for the band!

We see you hold one of the top slots at Halloween Hysteria! What does this fest mean to you?

A chance to play live again with some great bands and dominate the stage Mammal style again for our fans. We’re also always keen to win new fans over to the band.

What do you plan to bring to this fest set? (Is there anything unexpected we should anticipate/ describe the essence of your live show)!

Our live show is energy, sex, compassion, anger, and funk at its core. We play without limits on the frenzy. You will not leave our gig indifferent or undecided.

Halloween Hysteria has a stacked lineup, filled to the brim with impressive acts. Who are some of your favourites or who are some you'd love to work with creatively?

I’m good friends with the From Crisis To Collapse guys from Byron, and I always enjoy chatting with Janet from Spiderbait, Clowns always bring the juice. Great line up though!

Along those lines, you've been a part of the scene for quite some time! What is your take on the ever-growing Australian scene?

I have never seen Mammal as part of a scene, more of an outlier forging its own path. So I don’t really agree with the premise of the question.

A lot of your tracks continue to resonate with audiences, making for some high-energy-filled shows. Why do you think these tracks continue to have such a lasting impression on the Aussie scene?

We speak clearly about complex issues, and they are well-crafted rock songs that don’t follow trends. The punters know quality when they hear it.

If you could choose one song to redo (whilst also erasing its history) and re-release into this whole new climate of music lovers, what track would it be and why?

Shuddupya Ya Face by Joe Dolce

Can we expect new music in the works anytime soon, and if so, what’s the direction?

Yes! Mammal is currently recording from lockdown in NSW and VIC, two new songs, and they will have that classic Mammal sound as we’re having it mixed and recorded by Jimi Maroudas, who’s worked with the big names and recorded our first EP.

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