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Q&A: Who is Worthy To Be In Man Sandal's 'Chess Club'?

Introducing your new favourite WA band: Man Sandal. The Perth-based rockers have finally released their debut album Chess Club, seeing the band confidently step into their trademark sound. From indie pop to heartfelt ballads, this EP has 10 tracks to nurse you through every stage of your existential crisis. Channeling what a lot of us are feeling right now, Chess Club talks about feeling overwhelmed by the current state of the world and lost as we try to navigate adulthood.

To give you an idea of this album's incredibly diverse range, we’ve picked out a few of our highlights. ‘Ere Gordon’ sees the band take on a more electronic sound with groovy synths and darting melodies. ‘One Way Flight’ speaks on lost love with melancholic guitar, enveloping piano and longing vocals. The band grapple with their own mortality on 'Everybody Dies', proving that indie pop is the best way to face your problems. ‘If You Try To Leave (Please Don’t)' is an intimate tear jerker with cinematic strings, flaunting the band's impressive instrumental abilities. If you’re not already sold, Chess Club also has plenty of endearing folk and sun-drenched indie rock. What's not to love?

Western Australia’s bustling music scene never fails to impress us, constantly revealing exciting new artists. Man Sandal were kind enough to share their expert knowledge with us by listing their top WA artists.

Airline Food

"Airline Food’s synth driven, pop-rock teleports us to space every time we hear it! “They wouldn’t want to know” is just so connected and keeps the perfect balance of spacey and boppy. The broad synths and guitar tones in “Axe Murderer” send in waves of nostalgia and keep us ever captivated by Airline Food."

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"We’ve never seen anything like Segue before and love their music! The live show is so engaging, both Jeremy and Daniel play facing each other, and cohesion and seamlessness ensues. Hypnotic vocals float through the mix and the apparent skill of segue as producers and songwriters is evident."

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Didion’s Bible

"Didion’s Bible’s easy going rock is a beautiful and energetic experience. “Blake Shelton” has dark, jangly guitars that pair perfectly with the pessimistic attitude and dread of the vocals. While “John Candy” feels like the perfect soundtrack to a spectacular 80s canyon muscle car chase after a high stakes robbery!"

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Nika Mo

"Nika Mo is one of those artists who writes the type of song you can deeply bond with on an emotional level. I find myself discovering new elements and meaning with every listen. You’ll find rawness, honesty and mastery in every song. Always in complete awe of the beautiful and perceptive songwriting."

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New Nausea

"New Nausea are one of my favourite bands in Perth for many reasons. Not only are they so damn authentic in every way possible, they also manage to kick you in the guts in the best way. Simultaneously delicate and passionate, new nauseas music never cease to fuel a burning fire within me to try write a song as good as bright bloody blue. Just a heads up. It’s not possible."

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Claudie Joy & the Joy Boys

"I feel completely blown away whenever I see a Claudie Joy set. A truly magnificent guitarist and vocalist backed by an amazing band, you can really feel all the emotion when they perform. All the while, the lyrics portray their beautiful and unique perspective on the world, it’s like she’s breaking your heart and giving you a warm, loving hug."

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Noah Dillon

"Noah Dillon is just such a good songwriter. And performer. And nice guy. The amount of emotion he gets into his songs are immense and we all are huge fans. With a beautiful band (with beautiful boiler suits) Noah’s live sets at SO good. I love how his recent songs have parts that are a little weird and perfectly unexpected but you just want to hang on and sing along to every word."

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Thank you Man Sandal for the excellent recommendations! Check out their debut album below.


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