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Ready To Jump, Alta Falls Will ‘Take Me On Down’ With Debut Single

Quarantine may have brought the world to its knees, but it also gave artists the perfect opportunity to flex their creative muscles. Brisbane-based alt pop duo, Alta Falls, made the most of their solitude by crafting their debut single ‘Take Me On Down’.

Lyrically, the track is introspective and seeks to explore questions that have been plaguing Falls. “How did we all get so sure about things, and get so stuck in our own heads that we can't even see things from someone else's perspective?” the duo asked themselves when developing the song. “What if there was a world where people saw things from the other side?” Falls perfectly captures these questions with simple and honest songwriting. ‘All on my own / … never thought I’d fall but I’m flying now,’ the duo sing during the song’s incredibly catchy chorus.

“We recorded this song in 2020 when it felt like the world was pulling in multiple directions all at once, and the divide was getting bigger, wider, and deeper," said Falls.

The song’s production is top quality alt pop excellence. Guitars, synthlines and an energetic drum beat propel listeners through the track. Think The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ but less dark and more instrumental. The soundscape that the instruments, beats and rhythm have woven together are the ideal backdrop for the track’s vocals. They’re cool, comforting and timeless, the perfect combination that would resonant at a university dorm party or in a theatre late at night.

Falls should be proud of creating a song that’ll appeal to alt pop listeners and those with commercial tastes. If the verses don’t hook you, we guarantee that the chorus will be playing in your head long after the song has ended. In other words, ‘Take Me On Down’ is a blood-pumping debut that begs you to dance while thinking about the world around you.

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