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RedHook Release Dark and Defiant New Track ‘Cure 4 Psycho’ And Are Just The Best

Image: RedHook | Supplied

Sydney-based alt-rock trio RedHook have released yet another monumental single. ‘Cure 4 Psycho’ pulls elements from multiple genres and draws from experience for lead singer Emmy Mack, on both a personal level, and in a more universal sense.

This track features lashing guitars and rasping vocals, which give it a signature punk-rock attitude, metal darkness and serious head-bang factor. However, by drawing on sounds of electronica, which add to the nightmarish quality, and by incorporating elements of rap and hip-hop in the verses and bridge, RedHook skilfully prove that their experimentation is paying off and making a real statement.

Coming off the success of their last release and on the back of a hugely triumphant 2019, RedHook are giving off intense “Can’t stop, won’t stop” energy.

Last year saw the trio sign on with Hen House Management and launch their own heavy music festival UsFest which aimed to challenge the status-quo of festival lineups and encourage diversity in live Aussie music. They also played debut sets at Sydney’s two brand new rock festivals, Good Things and Download, rounded-off their debut international tour, where they supported Three Days Grace across the UK and Europe, undertook four crammed Australian tours supporting acts like Hands like Houses, The Faim and Sevendust , secured a spot at Download Festival UK, and sold out a number of shows in their debut headline tour.

...And I struggle to make myself breakfast.

If that’s not impressive enough, RedHook were also the ninth most-played artist on Triple J Unearthed last year, began 2020 by fulfilling one of their own aspirations, by hosting ABC’s ‘rage’ and have already sold out both of their upcoming live sessions for the ‘Cure 4 Psycho’ release at La La La’s in Wollongong. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I need to achieve something today.

If you do anything today, listen to ‘Cure 4 Psycho’. It blends together a bunch of genres in the most sinister and robust ways. Tommy Faith, in his review of the track on Triple J Unearthed, summed it up perfectly.

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