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RedHook Roll Out The Red Carpet For Their Latest Thriller, ‘Low Budget Horror’

After dominating last year’s scene, RedHook has wasted no time in making the new year theirs. This week, the band has released their latest single, a thrilling and intense listening experience in the form of ‘Low Budget Horror’. Known for powerful genre-bending and extensive creativeness, RedHook has shifted the ground once again, creating a horror film-inspired promotional campaign, translating into a track that is just as gruesome as some of our favourite slashers! This tune is sure to haunt you for many months to come!

‘Low Budget Horror’ immediately goes in for the kill, consuming you with intense riffs and intoxicating beats. With power and purpose, these fierce instrumentals set up the foundations for one of RedHook’s most explosive songs to date. True to the band’s style, the track explodes in many others ways too- in particular, its lyricism. With its ringing words and cutthroat lyrics, the essence of the track is a slasher in its own right.

“Writing ‘Low Budget Horror’ was a necessary catharsis for me after a bit of a messed-up experience I had during Sydney’s 2021 COVID lockdown. Lyrically, ‘Low Budget Horror’ is a metaphor for online bullies and the pain they try to inflict, casting their targets as victims in a gruesome public spectacle. But more often than not, it’s a pretty D-grade performance.” says Emmy Mack

Fuelled with passion and palpable energy, Emmy delivers a commanding performance exuding with personality and attitude that spills from the track. True to the RedHook songstress’ style, Mack’s vocals reach out to tell a story much larger than the song itself, and this time guide an overdue discussion with a brutal (but entrancing) presentation.

‘Low Budget Horror’ is truly a flick you don’t want to miss!

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