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San Holo Doubles Down With 'black and white' and 'MY FAULT'

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Photo credit: Haley Lan

Dutch producer Sander van Dijck a.k.a. San Holo continues the rollout of his new album bb u ok? with the double single 'black and white / MY FAULT'. After a string of single releases over the past few months, it's his final release before the highly anticipated bb u ok? finally drops on 21 May. The double single sees the versatile producer exploring new depths of intimate and sentimental electronica, while still delivering the same earworm melodies and danceable beats that have always been part and parcel of the tunes of San Holo. 'black and white' features a shifting instrumental which builds up from sparse guitar strums to climactic EDM drops several times back and forth throughout its duration. It's both a dance number and a song to get you in your feels, with its melancholic sound and straightforward but poignant lyrics.

'MY FAULT' is a huge slow burner which explodes into life after the three and a half minute mark of its 5+ minute runtime. This song also features sparse strumming and buzzing synths leading up to a massive final drop. This crescendo represents "a relationship with the highest highs and lowest lows." van Dijck says it's "probably the most personal song I’ve ever written." The two songs are thematically connected as van Dijck muses on the end of an intense personal relationship. In a difficult period of time, penning his deepest thoughts and crafting them into emotional bangers acted as a form of therapy. "Writing these songs really helped me move on," said van Dijck. "The first few days I was in LA to write this album, I was really struggling to come up with anything that felt right to me musically." "MY FAULT ended up being the first song I wrote for bb u ok? that I felt passionate about, and in a lot of ways it’s the song that really kicked off the album."

bb u ok? is San Holo's second studio album, following his 2018 debut Album1. It's a follow-up that's brimming with ambition, with a massive 20 song tracklist and a host of impressive features. There's a couple of surprising and exciting names to feature in the form of rock artists American Football and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. Other collaborators include Bipolar Sunshine, The Nicholas, Chet Porter, Mija, and Mr. Carmack - a few names you'd be a bit less shocked to hear on an EDM record. As five songs have already been released, we've got a pretty good idea of how the record might sound - but there's sure to be a bunch of surprises in store for us all. We'll be counting down the days 'til bb u ok? drops on 21 May.

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