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Sappho Just Wants To 'Flex' With Debut Single

Photo Credit: Tegan Crowley

The former frontwoman of Alpine, Sappho, is back with a head bopping, walkway strutting pop banger in ‘Flex’. Inspired by the newfound creative freedom she gained after Alpine parted ways, ‘Flex’ is a track where Sappho is able to create music that is unique to her and her alone. When asked about the song, Sappho says:

“[w]riting flex was a cathartic pop moment in my life. I felt like I was uncovering all my childhood pop dreams at the same time as releasing a sentiment of power I had never really allowed myself to say.”

‘Flex’ is an addictive bop that’s meant to be blasted from your car speakers. It uses snappy beats and synthesizers that sound like a modern interpretation of early 2000s Britney Spears. Sappho’s vocals are silky and fit perfectly with her new pop sound. ‘You can be a fighter, a fighter, a fighter / now flex’ Sappho sings atop the beats. All musicians agree that music can change an atmosphere. "[When working on the song] I felt as though I was summoning my own strength, and the strength of love in those around me. This song is a happy place," says Sappho.

She’s not wrong. ‘Flex’ is the type of track that can dampen any kind of negativity and empower the listener into being the best version of themselves. It’s fun, bubbly and is destined to be the go-to comfort track for pop lovers everywhere. On a side note, the music video (which was shot in Gippsland) is gorgeous and a must watch. ‘Flex’ is out now!

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