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Say Bonjour To Teenage Prodigy Ethan French And His Latest Single 'You're My Home'

Image: Ethan French | Supplied

Perth teenager Ethan French boasts musical experience and ability far beyond his tender age. As a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he's been making a name for himself with two EPs and a handful of eclectic singles released over the last year or so.

'You're My Home' is French's latest offering, and it's a gorgeous, artsy pop-soul love song to add to his fine catalogue of tunes. It sees him branching out with some very creative electronic production, including prominent use of vocoders and warm multi-tracked harmonies.

His previous musical output has featured primarily organic instrumentation, usually centred around the piano. But he's far from just a pianist and singer - he's taught himself to play a bunch of other instruments, to the point where everything you hear on his songs was performed by French himself in his own home studio.

It's a DIY approach that incorporates many different musical influences. He's heavily inspired by English artist Jacob Collier, who also started his career creating homemade, multi-instrumental music and videos. After blowing up on YouTube, Collier has gone on to now be considered by many to be one of the most innovative musicians of his generation and has won multiple Grammy Awards.

It's an inspiring story and one that Ethan French will be hoping to emulate with his own career. He's certainly got the potential to achieve great heights; his previous releases and 'You're My Home' showcase diverse musical performances across a variety of genres including soul, funk and jazz, mixed with a pop sensibility that will appeal to the masses.

If he continues with the sound and style of 'You're My Home', French could blow up sooner than expected. The combination of trendy electronic production with earworm vocal melodies is sure to get stuck in the heads of listeners all over the country.

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