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Dusty Return With Flavoursome Indie-Rock Record Titled ‘Anxiety’

Madeline Randall

Flying through Brisbane’s rock stratosphere, Dusty have been making a huge name for themselves since debuting in early 2021. Releasing well-received singles ‘Easier’ and ‘Do You Care’, the four-piece have been hustling and bustling playing shows accross the region before joining Brisbane royalty, Bugs, on their Diamond Tour last December to top off a massive debut year.

Now entering their second season, Dusty have brought their same irresistible charm, relatability, and powerfully honest delivery to their latest single ‘Anxiety’. Filled with tropical guitar-led melodies and bouncy percussion, the track is catchy, and charismatic. Juxtaposing the intricacies of dealing with anxiety with an upbeat and bubbly atmosphere .

Made to be enjoyed with a rowdy, carefree energy the song is guaranteed to be a crowd favourite at gigs and serve as a refreshing reminder of the very normal mental health struggles people go through.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Annie Newcombe says the important message behind the 'Anxiety' makes it her favourite song in the set.

“I like how many people tell me that they can relate to it,"

"For me, it’s important that we talk about mental health, and I think having a song about anxiety really opens up the conversation.”

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