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Nicole Mckinney Releases New Single 'Another Day'

Photography: Phoebe Faye

Coming on the back of a tumultuous year, its not just 'Another Day' since emerging indie artist Nicole McKinney has releases an emotional new single. The Brisbane folk artist has capsulated her raw personal emotions in a growing catalogue of songs over the past few years. This song only serves to solidify Nicole's new wave sound with what could only be described as “sad girl” music.

Personal experiences of pain and unavoidable loss have inspired the release of 'Another Day' which features a melancholic yet dream-like soundscape that leads us on a journey of self-discovery and through emotions of 'uplifting sadness'. I almost feel that it's the resolution of an emotional journey - a song that weaves the thread back to the start - back to who you are.

"This song was written during a period where I was grieving the simultaneous loss of a loved one and friendship group. I was feeling betrayed and confused by how people who say they love you could hurt you without a second thought. It's about not waiting for other people to save you but to save yourself," Nicole shares.

The combination of Nicole bearing her heart amongst intertwining folk and soft rock elements takes us away to another place and time - perhaps of a more youthful time in our lives. 'Another Day' is the comfort that's felt after a storm passes.

'Another Day' Single Launch

March 18 - The Bearded Lady, Brisbane | Ticketing and Supports TBA

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