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LivewireAU's Six Pack: Catch Up On The Best Of Aussie Music This Week

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

We know you haven’t stuck to your COVID workout routine, but you might just deserve this six pack anyway. Australia’s music scene is perpetually blessed with countless artists bubbling just beneath the spotlight and every week we want to share six new songs with you, each with potential to become part of soundtrack for your weekend ahead.

Emma Volard - Femininity

I could spend the next 24 hours rifling through the dictionary and I still really don’t think I’d find the exact right words for this one. Volard brings us something that would, in the best way possible, sound at home on Mama’s Gun by Erykah Badu, while still sounding completely fresh and innovative. The breakdown of this song sounds like sweaty dancing, fire shows and hugging strangers at 3am of a music festival. Rather than strive for the perfect adjectives, I’m just going to say, please listen to this one.

Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra - Welcome to the Neighbourhood

An extraordinary multi-instrumentalist, Matt Hsu teams up with Nima Doost, Aurora Liddle-Christie, Naavi Karan, Cievash and Anisa Nandaula to create a 5 minute symphony. In Hsu’s words the track is ‘a response to the very real, ongoing Australia issues of unethical detention of people seeking political refuge, black deaths in custody and systemic racism’. The emotional weight of this important message can be heard through the vocal and instrumental performances alike. The track opens and closes with hauntingly powerful spoken word poetry, tucked in between these are rap verses equal parts smooth and poignant, as well as an evocative soundscape formed by a sea of instruments. Undoubtedly a track everyone needs to hear.

Sam Windley - Neighbours In The Morning

Sam Windley is an emerging talent from New South Wales’s Central Coast, so it's no surprise this song sounds like driving to the beach as the wind makes its way through your hair. Sam’s charisma shines all over this track, you want to dance but you also just want to grab a beer with her and get yapping away till the sun comes up. The track is co-written by Alex Lahey and honestly, it's just hard to imagine anyone not loving this song. Sam Windley sounds like a star and hopefully we’re in the process of watching her become one.

Pookie - Tuesday (Feat. Baasto)

It’s a bit hard to believe this track is a debut single because Pookie is exuding confidence all over it. Citing Missy Elliot and The Pharcyde as influences, Pookie has all the elements that make 90s and 2000s Hip Hop what it is, while mixing in her own charisma and style. The flow is almost a stream of consciousness as she finds new way to dance around the instrumental, with the inflections and delivery of a seasoned rapper. Melbourne has a great and growing Hip Hop scene and Pookie is an extremely welcome addition.

Amarina Waters - Hungry Ghost

With a name like Amarina Waters, it’s no surprise that she’s waking waves. It takes only seconds to find yourself entranced in the vocals on ‘Hungry Ghost’. The vocals glisten with a certain agony, yet hold an equal aura of determination. She almost seems to confess ‘glad you were here’, before the drums come in and drive the track home. The track is instantly intriguing and doesn’t lose your attention for a second along the way. It’s easy to tell Amarina Waters is a special artist and we’ll be keeping a close eye on what she has for us in the future.

Nicole Mckinney - Hollywood Girls

Nicole Mckinney is an extremely exciting new voice in Australia’s indie scene and doesn’t let us down with her newest single. Written as a plea to save a relationship, Mckinney takes us all the way into her world with her vulnerable content. As she seeks to overcome the inevitable symptoms of self-blame, Mckinney treats us to gorgeously crafted melodies as her vocals cut effortlessly through the instrumental. The combination of Mckinney’s sultry vocals and honest songwriting has us very excited for whatever might come next from her.



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