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Sorry, I’m Just ‘Talking To Myself In The Mirror’ Because Of Hanni’s New Single

There’s something about boppy beats that can snatch anyone’s attention. In the world of dream pop where soundscapes and atmospheres are typically airy and whimsical, Queensland’s dream pop sensation, Hanni, turns the genre on its head with her new single ‘Talking To Myself In The Mirror’.

“‘Talking To Myself In The Mirror’ is about feeling like you're drowning in your own thoughts,” says Hanni. “You keep talking to yourself in the mirror to sort through your thoughts but your mind tells you that you're the bad guy in every situation. Even if you have done nothing wrong and you know you need help but you don’t know how to ask for it.”

There’s a lot about ‘Talking To Myself In The Mirror’ that deserves to be talked about. The song’s production is excellent with a variety of influences being heard. Its opening beats are reminiscent of contemporary hip hop while the majority of the track’s percussive beats will remind you of Fun. There’s a guitar being strummed that grounds the track within the earthy realm of alt pop. Everything is tied together with beautiful melodies to create a solid addition to contemporary Australian music.

A song is at its best when the artist’s voice isn’t drowned out by the track’s production and vice versa. In this case, instead of knocking listeners out of their seats with booming notes or drowning herself under instruments, Hanni decorates the song’s production with vocals that are silky and conversational. ‘I remember back when I was younger / the world seemed smaller / the distances were longer…’ she sings, her lyricism shining through as much as her voice.

All in all, Hanni has achieved an incredible balance with ‘Talking To Myself In The Mirror’. Her vocals and the track’s production are perfectly in sync, uplifting and embellishing each other from beginning to end. When combined with the songwriting skills of a veteran, it’s clear to see that Hanni is an artist who is here to stay, and is just getting started.

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