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Sunset Rollercoaster Takes Us On A Spiritual Journey with 'Candlelight'

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Taiwanese soul-psych outfit Sunset Rollercoaster has dropped their latest single ‘Candlelight’, and have announced their forthcoming third full-length album Soft Storm, to be released on October 30th. ‘Candlelight’ features South Korean artist OHHYUK, who is the frontman of indie rock group Hyukoh, lending their heavenly vocals to the mix.

Dreamy guitars draw you in as ‘Candlelight’ flickers amongst pulsing synths, before hitting you with a epic goose-bump inducing climax ft. OHHYUK and lead singer Kuo Kuo's soulful vocals - their intertwining vocals are an absolute highlight of the track.

'All snuffed like candlelights, left up to broken memories / All snuffed like candlelights, only a glimmer in me now'.

On the collaboration, Sunset Rollercoaster shares: “Oh Hyuk has a unique and emotional voice, it’s great that we can work on the song Candlelight together, it’s a song about memories. Oh Hyuk made it colorful." OHHYUK adds: “I really like Sunset Rollercoaster’s music and enjoy listening to their songs often. So, it felt great to take part in a new song by the band. I had a pleasant time and I hope people will enjoy listening to the track."

‘Candlelight’ is the closing track on their forthcoming third LP Soft Storm and represents the union of the two groups who are currently heading Asia’s booming independent music scene. If you vibe intense narratives combined with introspective funk and sensual R&B, then this is the record for you! Having already developed a massive fanbase in Asia and a loyal international following, watch out world because Sunset Rollercoaster is ready to dominate the global music scene.

“Music to take you hand in hand on a spiritual journey full of mind-expanding stories and soulful synth elements.' - Flaunt Magazine

“At the frontline of Asia’s booming music industry”


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