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Sydney Pop Duo Cat & Calmell Burst Onto The Scene With Glittering Debut

Image credit: Cat & Calmell | Supplied

The Australian pop scene doesn’t know what hit it with the introduction of Cat & Calmell, a Sydney duo with global pop appeal and a shining debut in ‘dumbshit’.

Darting between darkly-lit pop and shimmering R&B, the duo's first single reveals a talent for transforming conversations they have together and online into swirling, genre-fleeting moments of brilliance.

Written together two years ago, ‘dumbshit’ is clearly a teenage anthem, paying homage to the carefree whims of being young, wild and well... a bit dumb.

It’s about being in your youth and not taking anything seriously; enduring the repercussions of doing dumb shit and just copping it on the chin.

Quickly hooked by the song’s snapping beat and entrancing vocals, ‘dumbshit’ builds to an all-encompassing chorus, transporting me to a simpler time, screaming along to ‘All My Friends’ with my pals on a night out.

Cat & Calmell's music reflects their multi-faceted upbringings and their wide-ranging influences and sources of inspiration: Kali Uchis and The 1975 to Rihanna and T.S. Eliot, Powerpuff Girls and Twitter memes.

Along with elements of bedroom pop, sprinklings of BENEE-reminiscent quirkiness can also be caught within the verses as the girls’ sing about acting first and thinking later.

Like running amok with your friends without a care in the world except where the closest Macca's is, ‘dumbshit’ takes us back to a younger, simpler time and reminds us that sometimes, a little bit of silliness might be just what the doctor ordered.

With 'dumbshit' as their debut, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the Aussie-pop scene hasn't seen the last of of the sparkling duo that is Cat & Calmell.

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