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Take A Breath With Junes Jones' Single 'Jenny (Breathe)'

In her first release since her 2019 debut album, June Jones’ latest single ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ is a poetic ode. With deep emotional lyricism, ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ is a track oozing with raw energy and an undeniable emotional aura.

June Jones says, “the song is in part an ode to my lifelong love of science fiction, and it's a song in which I am singing to myself as well as anyone who is hurting and needs a place to rest, recalibrate, and breathe. It's a song about surviving inner trauma and outer dystopia, though I don't think it's easy to separate the two. 'Jenny' is my first self-produced release, with the bulk of its production taking place in the early stages of teaching myself to use Ableton. I recorded the vocals and bass guitar with Geoffrey O'Connor and did everything else on a tiny Lenovo ThinkPad. I wanted the song to combine elements of traditional, contemporary, and futuristic, while retaining a strong sense of human emotion, as most of my favourite sci-fi writing does."

A slow burn with sizzling beats, ‘Jenny (Breathe)’ is a fiery track that hits hard yet is gentle in it’s blow. A steady thudding and thumping beat, overlayed with delectable synth-y melodies that demand captivation. A moving exploration of electronic pop, the lasting impact of this track is paramount.

The songs evoke the desire to slow down and focus on life, our daily tasks and what they mean to us. Singing ‘Drink a cup of coffee / for traditions sake’, it’s relatable and universal. Junes Jones speaks with a brutal honestly, it’s hard to not stop and listen.

‘Jenny (Breathe) is a great reminder to remember to stop and breathe each day, and we could listen to June Jones telling us to breathe for the rest of our lives. Honestly.



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