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Tash Sultana Masters the Elements in Spell-binding New Single 'Beyond the Pine'

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Australia’s pride and glory, Tash Sultana, has blessed us with a new single: ‘Beyond the Pine’. Channeling inspiration from nature, love and self-exploration, Sultana slows things down in this intoxicating new track.

Tash Sultana explains, “A little bit of a slower softer approach to a message from within, ‘Beyond The Pine’ is about finding solace in nature and realizing the depth of your relationship when you find your one. Love is yours no matter the colour, race, gender, religion, sexuality or identity.”

Sultana has brought this vision to life by masterfully combining musical components akin to the elements of nature itself. This single features the unique layering of instruments and the angelic vocals we’ve come to expect from this one-person band. Delicate guitar riffs, soft percussion and chimes create an intimate vibe whilst still infusing in the Sultana brand of loop magic. Sweet and soulful lyrics give us a peep into Tash Sultana’s personal encounters with love.

'Cause I let your love forsake me like nobody else/ And I want your arms to take me like nobody else/ Ooh, I need you to save me/ 'Cause I can't save myself

This release has been paired with stunning psychedelic cover art which captures Sultana's aura perfectly. I recommend you take a quiet moment to yourself, sit in the sunshine and appreciate the intricacies of this mesmerising single.

‘Beyond the Pine’ is an offering off of Tash Sultana’s upcoming album Terra Firma, which was announced earlier this year. Co-written by Matt Corby (a recipe for success if you ask me), this album does not yet have a release date. Sultana shared that the new album would act “reminder that we are only human at the end of the day...part of one big system and no one really knows the answers to how and why”.

This down-to-earth vision for Terra Firma comes across effortlessly in ‘Beyond the Pine’, encouraging us all to stop and breathe. A master of their craft, Tash Sultana is a truly singular artist and we can't wait for what they have in store for us.

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