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Taylor Swift Says 'You Need To Calm Down'

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The last time Swift showed up with her squad, it was all in the name of 'Bad Blood'. Keep the squad goals but flip the shade. Suddenly, all the stars align and the rainbow makes absolute sense in her newest music video, 'You Need To Calm Down'.

From left to right: Ariana Grande(Tatianna), Lady Gaga(Trinity the Tuck), Adele(Delta Work), Cardi B(Trinity K. Bonet), Taylor Swift(Jade Jolie), Katy Perry(Adore Delano), and Nicki Minaj(A'keria Davenpo)

Rainbows, the LGBTQ+ community and love. For that, Swift snaps her fingers and in comes everyone. Literally. A flock of the greatest drag queens ever. Riley Knoxx starred as Beyoncé. A wild Ryan Reynolds was spotted. Hayley Kiyoko was nocking arrows and Adam Rippon was handing out snow cones.

Without much further ado, here are top highlights from the lineup of the much anticipated music video:

Dexter Mayfield and Hannah Hart working their butts off to the beat

Spilling the tea: Tan France, the fashion expert from Queer Eye Fab Five, is featured in the music video

Ciara officiated the wedding between Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his hubbie, Justin Mikita

Swift fulfilled her promise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen DeGeneres is featured getting a tattoo from Adam Lambert.

The ultimate BFFs (Burger and French Fries) capture their love for each other, featuring Taylor Swift and her former nemesis, Katy Perry in her Met Gala burger costume

Swift stands up boldly against anonymous online toxicity as she dons the flag alongside the LGBTQ+ community. Her initial intention to keep her art and politics separate was broken when Swift spoke out politically for the first time last year about the elections and equal rights. It wasn't just all talk; Swift donated to an LGBT advocacy group in Tennessee, USA, sweetly noting that she was inspired by their work. The song ends with a call for fans to sign her petition for Senate support of the Equality Act and on a note to fight shade with screaming colours and hate with the powerful weapon called love.

Look out for the rollout of Swift’s seventh album, Lover which is due on August 23! If you have yet to watch the music video, don't miss out; It's right below.

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