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Tether Continue To Evolve on Their Emotionally Charged New Single ‘Night Eyes’

If there was ever an artist whose sound could be described as “nocturnal”, it’d be Tether. With dark, brooding instrumentals and ethereal vocals, this Perth trio create moody but powerful alternative rock in the vein of Wolf Alice and Manchester Orchestra. triple J presenter Declan Byrne said it best: “listening to Tether with any form of illumination just doesn't feel right”. This is especially true of their latest single ‘Night Eyes’, which as the title suggests, is a gloomy number with vivid, visceral lyrical storytelling.

"Blame the night eyes / I swear they left me blind But I'm not here to speak / While you're still haunting me"

“Sometimes when you feel helpless, you start to internalise everything. You ruminate until you act out," says drummer and lyricist Caitlin Norris. “'Night Eyes' builds and builds like the silence that preludes a scream.” ‘Night Eyes’ beautifully balances subtlety with driving force, with its deep, pulsing synths and echoing guitar leads wonderfully contrasting the sultry vocals of singers Codie Sundstrom and Molly Case.

A lot of this is credited to the crisp production of Matt Gio (Birds of Tokyo, Great Gable). “(Gio’s) production expertise on this track catapulted it into the stratosphere and the result is a level of polished we haven’t achieved before with Tether,” said vocalist Codie Sundstrom. Gio and Dan Carroll’s Fremantle studio RADA was home to the song’s creation, as the band moved away from the DIY approach that resulted in the recordings of their early singles and debut EP Severance. It's a little over a year since Severance and the trio have already got a couple more songs under their belt. Their previous single 'Separate' saw them cap off a big 2020 that saw the EP release as well as shows alongside the likes of Sly Withers, Ursula and Pot Plant House Party. Their next show will see them rocking The Bird in Perth on 19 June with support from fellow locals Girl From Mars and Bad Weather. It's a single launch party for 'Night Eyes', but the way the band are billing it, it sounds like it's gonna be something a bit bigger than that.

"Join us as we launch into a new era."

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