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Thandi Pheonix rises as 'Cleopatra'

Following the announcement of a national headline tour, the elegant soul-pop powerhouse Thandi Phoenix has dropped an energised and empowering new single ‘Cleopatra’. Inspired by the glamorous yet powerful historical female icon, the track is both enticing and dangerous at the same time. With a slew of successful singles, shows and collaborations under her belt, Phoenix’s dominant and commanding presence has proven to excite and move listeners.

Reflecting the powerful, feminine essence of such impassioned voices as Odette and Ella Eyre, Phoenix creates a poisonous and empowering kiss in the form of song. Intended to inspire and encourage her fellow female forces, ‘Cleopatra’ discusses the importance of spirit and self-love. Her combination of fearless lyrical diction, attention-demanding claps and a catchy, thumping bass line creates an undeniable and unforgettable ode to beauty and power.

Recognised for her effortless and compelling vocal style, Phoenix has wowed audiences with her triple j Like A Version of Portishead’s ‘Glory Box’, the words flowing as if they were her own. The rich instrumentation and emotional atmosphere pulls listeners deep into a sultry world of red wine and jazz lounge blues. This authenticity and sentimental capability is a luminous trait carried through all of her works.

Dubbed “one of Australia’s most significant new talents,” Phoenix’s upcoming national tour is not one to be missed. With a small number of intimate shows, fans should look forward to a night of anthems and energy, and a room full of soul.

Phoenix’s growing success, owed to her stirring vocal performances and important thematic statements, stamps a mark of empowerment on the industry and leaves everyone hungry for more. With the new feminine power bop, productions with some of the biggest names in pop-electronic music, and a beautiful yet kick-ass personality, it is no doubt that the future of Thandi Phoenix is one glowing with anticipation.


Friday 7th June - Fat Controller, Adelaide 

Friday 21st June - The Landsdowne, Sydney

Saturday 22nd June – The UC Hub, Canberra

Friday 28th June - Workers Club, Melbourne



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