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The Avalanches Drop Not One But Two New Singles

With sixteen years between Since I Left You and Wildflower we expected to wait much longer for a new Avalanches album, however their third album We Will Always Love You is set for release on December 11th and we couldn’t be more excited.

“For us, to make the same record again, no matter how well executed, wouldn’t have been satisfying, “says Robbie Chater. "We were looking to do something that would open up possibilities for the future. Take a bit of a left turn that frees us up to do whatever we want to next.”

The band have slowly been feeding us songs off the album and their killer collaborations from ‘Running Red Lights’ with Rivers Cuomo and Pink Siifu and ‘Wherever You Go’ featuring Jamie XX, Neneh Cherry and CLYPSO, We Will Always Love You is stacked with an diverse array of musical talents.

The latest two singles off the album ‘Makes Me High and ‘Take Care in Your Dreams’ are the strongest we've heard so far - two party anthems showcasing the multiplicity of The Avalanches talents and how seamlessly they can cross genres.

‘Music Makes Me High’ launches us into a funk parade of cheering voices, a groovy hit reminiscent of early 2000s electronic pop and disco. Imagine you got invited to a Studio 54 themed party at your mate’s place and ended up getting chucked in the pool at the end of the night, but you’re having too good a time to care – that’s this song. Disco is back baby, and it's never sounded so good.

On the flipside ‘Take Care in Your Dreams’ is an infusion of modern rap, RnB and classic electronic. This song features rap-legend Tricky, cult-favourite Denzel Curry and Australia’s own Sampa the Great, but rather than give them just individual verses, each artist sings and raps throughout the entirety of the track, creating something of an electronic-rap supergroup. Each artist plays off each other perfectly, creating a dimensionally layered track we can imagine on the next GTA soundtrack.

We Will Always Love You is set to be a killer album judging from these two singles alone. Incredible guest artists, fusions of electronic, rap, funk and soul – Its sure to be an explosion of the sampling genius we expect from The Avalanches.

We Will Always Love You is out December 11th. Stream 'Music Makes Me High' and 'Take Care in Your Dreaming' now.




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