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The Dandys Find A Home In Our Heads With New Banger ‘Take You Home’

Photo by Tom Vu

It hasn’t taken The Dandys long to become one of the most exciting up-and-comers and steal our undying attention with their revitalized and ever-energetic new sound. With just three singles under their belt, the Brisbane band has dazzled with their radiant emotion and strong sense of identity- a quality that bleeds into this newest single ‘Take You Home’. With curiosity and a desire to create something outside of the box, the track takes you on a wild auditory journey, easing you into a specially crafted world of big sounds and bold themes.

‘Take You Home’ opens with an almost haunting sequence with echoing sounds briefly consuming the space. Leaving plenty of room for the cleansing vocals of Mads Protheroe, their signature pipes shed an ethereal and otherworldly prowess outward. Captivating, even when surrounded by the blinding chorus, these vocals are always something to behold in a Dandys track! Gliding guitars soar among the ever-prominent drums within this dramatic chorus, and leave a force to be reckoned with that demands your attention. The track is a gift that keeps on giving; among the fixating bass and clever lyrics, layers upon layers of sound are consistently added, giving ‘Take You Home’ a depth and feeling of excitement that never ceases. This swarming soundscape culminates in a rambunctious musical feat that instantly sounds like a dream for the live scene!

Bold and packed with intensity, it’s only fitting ‘Take You Home’ was born from a wild idea;

"At the time, I had been listening to a lot of serial killer podcasts and I decided it would be an interesting approach to write from the perspective of one and try and get out of my head all the time and in theirs a little bit. It was a really different way from how my lyrics usually come about, but it's basically a song about a one-night stand, from the perspective of a serial killer. Instead of picking up a date, he's picking up a victim." explains Mads Protheroe

‘Take You Home’ is three minutes of excitement, energy, and exemplary talent from some of Australia’s freshest talent. It’ll have you spinning The Dandys for days!

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