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The Dandys slice straight to the heart with Debut EP 'Sex and Feuds'

Photography by @thattomvu

Quick-witted lyricism, explosively emotive stage presence and a delicate balance between chaos and introspection - Meanjin 'Alt-rock darlings' The Dandys have dropped their highly anticipated debut EP 'Sex and Feuds' Friday the 15th of September, 2023.

Described as 'pillars of the local music scene,' The Dandys have been on an undeniable upward trajectory - smashing recent shows at Splendour in the Grass, BIGSOUND 2023 and with the latest single, 'Gums' featuring in the likes of Apple New Music Daily and Triple J Unearthed.

In an interview, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Mads Protheroe describes the EP as an exploration of "the journey you go on when you lose someone who was integral to your own identity." As you dive through universally relatable themes of mental health, relationships and grief, you'll find yourself immersed in a gripping ride through intimate, heavy retrospection and sarcastic rock exultation. 'Sex and Feuds' takes the classic voyage into self-discovery and twists it into a burst of bold, refreshing fire.

From the moment the irresistibly catchy riff on the opening track, 'Falling' reaches your ears - The Dandys grip your subconscious and won't let go. As Mad's insane rich, velvety vocals enter, you're drawn in and taken through soft intimate ethereality before explosively launching into the chorus. With Felix Fogarty on the enchanting lead guitar, Henry Shultz smashing the bass and Nick Keogh-peel on drums, the four piece creates a sound larger than life. If you close your eyes you can almost feel yourself at their live set, swaying in a sea of bodies and falling into the sonic world they evoke - just as the title suggests.

The second track 'Broke Me Down' extends this immersion, layering otherworldly vocal harmonies, and echoing reverb with characteristically dreamy guitar soundscapes to build into a trance like state.

'You broke me down. I never wanna fall in love again'

This track takes us deeper into raw emotive wounds with fearless authenticity, finishing up with impactful guitar hits it's virtually impossible not to head-bang along to.

'Clean out my insides with turpentine'.

Wittily dark undertones and cynical lyricism are what stands out in third track 'State of Mind.' Quoted as Mads' favourite on the record, it encompasses her internal chaos and masterfully captures that ironic juxtaposition between feeling everything and a desire to drown it all out in a wash of sound.

'F*ck I feel it all, and god it's uncomfortable'

A driving heavy drumbeat launches you into the fourth track 'Temporary Fix' - a cathartic eruption of frustration that hits in all the right places. Everything about it emanates a bold, electrifying conviction. Mads radiates a slick sarcasm with the drawling exclamation, 'I'm not your temporary fix honey!' At the distorted outcry 'F*ck!!' after a heart-pulsing guitar-laden build - this track is a tasteful outburst of angst, leaving you feeling like The Dandys just get you.

The EP draws to a close with feature track, 'Gums,' which has already landed radio rotation and been receiving highly-deserved critical acclaim across Triple J unearthed. A perfect showcase of The Dandys musicality and range - 'Gums' effortlessly shifts between tempos, exercising incredible control between slowed blues-infused grunge and gritty guitar riffs that leave you bursting in exultation.

The echoing 'a - ha - ha!' in the last moments of the EP feels like it epitomises The Dandys essence; fresh, confident and drenched in captivating character.

One can't help smiling at the endearingly genuine laughter left into the last seconds of audio - when it all rolls over you can tell this is a band that loves what they do.

Charmingly confident grunge rock bursting with energy and exploding with heart - this EP slices straight through to the point with wit, and undeniably secures The Dandys position as instant classics.

If you get the chance to see The Dandys live - don't even hesitate and go go go!! Fronted by Mads powerhouse stage presence, their feverish yet intimate intensity will make an imprint that'll leave you wanting more every. Single. Time.

Catch The Dandys at their Upcoming Debut EP show - at Felons on 6th October - free entry - you wouldn't want to miss it!

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