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The Flowers Steal Hearts With Latest Track 'Wore It Like I Stole It'

Image: The Flowers | Supplied

Sydney indie-pop quartet The Flowers crashed into the scene in 2019 and have been on the onwards and upwards since and they are clearly continuing this home run streak with their latest release 'Wore It Like I Stole It'. Despite their floral name, they surely do pack a punch with bittersweet lyricisms and catchy guitar riffs gliding along steady percussive beats, stealing hearts in the process.

With sonic similarities to Aussie favourites The Beths, Eliza And The Delusionals, and Teenage Joans, they’re following the ‘How To Be A Successful Aussie Indie-Pop Band Handbook’ precisely, but of course adding their own unique stylistic flair. The quartet is made up of front-woman and sensational lead singer Agnes O'Dwyer backed by a talented band, with drummer Leighton Cauchi, guitarist Liam Sinclair and bassist Tom Haeusler.

The latest release is their second offering of the year, with the bouquet of 'You Don't Say!' being thrown into our arms a couple of months ago. The gloriously soaring and tender vocals are a complete contrast to the lyrical content of the song, like this particularly poignant line ‘the apocalypse is now/ so get in line’. Apocalyptic vibes are the exact opposite of what the heavenly vocal range sounds like - it’s a perfect oxymoron.

"‘Wore It Like I Stole It' is about keeping your guard up” said Aggy. “Being ‘guarded’ is often painted in a bad light. It's seen as cold, non-committal and distant. But this song talks about how protecting your heart and keeping your walls up isn't always such a bad thing.”

As the band wrote this track during lockdown, thoughts of distance and boundaries are clear - which are emotions everyone can relate to during this whacky time. This latest release dives deep into the emotional psyche of human nature and swells to the brim with feelings, making you feel warm and comforted whilst also questioning everything surrounding you and inside your mind.

The dexterity with which they switch between meaningful verses and rocking musical elements displays their talent and freshness in the Australian indie-pop scene, which they will surely utilise in the future to attain great success.

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