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The Letter Elle Stands For Love On New Single 'Faithful'

Photo via The Letter Elle's Socials

The Sunshine Coast’s own, The Letter Elle lines her new single ‘Faithful’ with soulful cries of hope, hope which is held up by undertones of exasperation as she pleads to give young love a chance.

Elle is rising fast through the South East Queensland scene and has already turned quite a few heads along the way, reaching the top of Triple J Unearthed Roots chart with her single ‘Sunrise’ earlier this year. Her talents don’t stop with her superb vocals, she is equally talented as a producer, ensuring she can carry out her vision all the way from an initial feeling to the finished canvas.

After the success of ‘Sunrise’, ‘Faithful’ keeps pushing Elle’s sound even further forward. Click play on ‘Faithful’ and you’ll be instantly greeted by Elle’s searching, dreamy vocals, as she cascades over Neo-Soul-esque production. Elle takes us through the turbulence of young love as she recalls the lows, ‘You don’t know how many nights I’ve hurt because of you’, before reminding us of the highs, ‘We miss the sunset because we’re caught in each others eyes’. Elle effortlessly encapsulates this image of a young love so dizzying, so infatuating, that the rest of the world simply seems to move around you.

As the chorus arrives and Elle’s vocals begin to layer, it conjures a memory of summers that slipped away too fast and a sky full of stars that's seemingly there just for you. The second verse continues in a similar vein before a crescendo into angelic belts as the song’s pivotal line is repeated, ‘All we are is faithful/kids in love’. She almost satirically pokes at the unwillingness of those to take her young love seriously, while also recognising that, why not just live in these moments and see where they take us?

You can tell from ‘Faithful’ alone, that Elle is a songwriter who will tussle with her own heartstrings, in order to tug upon yours, all while crafting melodies and instrumentals that make each song into its own little journey.

Elle is currently one stop into a four stop tour and if you’re lucky enough to be in the area during these strange times, it’d be borderline foolish to not watch the young star in action.

The Letter Elle 'Faithful' Tour 2020

Tickets here

Thursday, 17th September

Vinnie's Dive Bar Gold Coast

Saturday, 19th September

BDJ Sessions Sunshine Coast

Thursday, 24th September

The Flamin' Galah

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