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The Other Side Of An Escape: TYDE Releases Debut Single 'Skin on Skin'

Image: TYDE | supplied

We all have our vices for when we get low. We all have our own ways of either revelling in our emotions or attempting to lift ourselves out of them. However, as TYDE reminds us on ‘Skin to Skin’, sometimes we crave more than our usual vices, we need someone else.

Delivered through anthemic vocals and folk instrumentation, TYDE recounts a decision to uncharacteristically intimately engage with another person, absent from any romantic repercussions. TYDE front-woman Ella Belfanti weaves through the emotional web of a one night stand, crooning ‘Trying to feel desire so I don’t feel low/Skin on skin, close your eyes and don’t let me go’. This track explores the juxtaposition between the lust for intimacy and escape, compared with the emotional minefield you may find yourself tiptoeing through the moment it's all over. The song is accompanied by an intriguing music video that adds a visual landscape to TYDE’s already vivid sonic explorations. The band themselves explain that the video looks to explore ‘the emotional rollercoaster that can happen in your head’ after a one night stand and looks to ‘capture the process of reflecting on the experience’.

This track is TYDE’s debut single and it’s never a bad sign when a debut single sounds straight out of a greatest hits. The track has all the polish of a well established band, yet all the emotion of someone sitting in their bedroom with a pen and paper, searching for catharsis. The vocal journey is met every step of the way by gorgeous instrumentation as the track dances from minimalist guitar to searching strings. TYDE is a trio consisting of aforementioned front-woman Ella Belfanti, her 15 year old (yep, 15) sister Zoe Belfanti on bass and Josh Garnett on drums. The origins of this track were dreamt up by Ella while working as a ski instructor in 2019 and to see the vision realised is quite extraordinary.

TYDE seemingly has all the ingredients to be a name in everyone’s mouth for years to come and we can’t wait to see what they serve up next.

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