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The Seven 'Like A Versions' That Got Us (Are Getting Us) Through Lockdown

Photo from ABC

Like A Version has undoubtedly become an essential part of our Friday routine, camping out by the radio to hurriedly gather the clues to the soon-to-be-covered songs, and waiting with anticipation for some of our favourite artists to get the recognition they deserve. Surviving the pandemic meant escaping the dreariness and monotony of the everyday. Luckily, these reimagined covers helped bring us energy, life, and new perspectives! We’ve collected some of the team’s favourite Like A Versions; from the old to new, from pop to metalcore, the anthems of our hard times! These are the Like A Versions that got us through isolation, lockdown, and the pandemic slump!

Polaris with ‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine’

This unlikely crossover saw Polaris lather this Eskimo Joe classic with their own personal flavour, sending metalcore waves through the radio station. Sparking an undeniable discourse on the Triple J socials, many comments saw Polaris praised for their bold approach and ability to reinvent a timeless tune. With a quick substitution of guitarist Ryan for the renowned Plini due to illness, the band kept a focus on their goal- not only to perform the cover but bring the talent of metal acts to the forefront. With amazing gutturals and crisp instrumentals that all culminated into an insane breakdown, this cover blew our minds!

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets with ‘I Wanna Be Like You’

The Crumpets are no strangers to blasting the airwaves with their in-your-face instrumentals and intrusively catchy choruses, and this Like A Version became yet another inescapable one- especially for Disney fans. Delving into the world of the Jungle Book, the band took on this classic with a dire, prominent, and funky angle in mind. From the opening riff to the full force guitars toward the end, the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets immersed us in their world of chaos for a solid 2 minutes and 50 seconds, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Bugs with ‘Charlie’

Tackling a relatively recent Aussie favourite was always set to be a mammoth task, but it was a task Bugs truly… ‘squashed’. With an infectious energy, and of course, a well-executed delivery, Bugs produced a fun, peppy, and exciting reimagination of ‘Charlie’; making it almost as lovable as the original track. Sneaking in a few recognizable extra lyrics, and adding their own personal vocal and instrumental touches, Bugs truly left their mark on this track, solidifying their name in the wide variety of Like A Versions.

Ball Park Music with ‘Paranoid Android’

From the very moment the clue was dropped, to the assurance that this would indeed be the track Ball Park Music would be covering, murmurs stirred regarding whether or not they could truly pull off this entrancing and often difficult-to-replicate track. However, with an almighty feat of artistry, pure talent, and evidently, a passion for the song itself, the band excelled beyond the expectations of many to provide a cover that was genuine, full of ambition and dedication, and most importantly, was extremely well executed. This cover has been adopted by many Radiohead, and Like A Version, fans alike!

Lime Cordiale with ‘I Touch Myself’

This is undoubtedly one of those covers that has become synonymous with the Like A Version segment. From its birth in 2019 to its consistently inclining streams on Spotify, we can never get enough of Lime Cordiale’s ‘I Touch Myself’. Indie yet delicate, funky, and cheeky, Lime Cordiale pulled off the ultimate cover that radiated individuality but fostered the original feelings of the track. There is something just so entrancing about their presentation that before you even know it, you’ll be inserting your own ad-lib “woo’s” alongside Louis. For an energy pickup, or just for a dose of fun, we always run to this cover!

Hauskey with ‘Mr. Brightside’

We all know it. Whether it comes on in the shopping center, a function, a concert, you can expect the entirety of the population surrounding the song to be mumbling the lyrics or proudly singing the lines from the depths of their chest. It was a mammoth task to take the track and infuse it with personality considering its widely appreciated nature, but Hauskey completed the task with ease. Maneuvering the track into a realm of laid-back, indie, and ethereal proportions, Hauskey reimagined this classic into an easy-listen bop. Considering the task at hand, Hauskey annihilated the Like A Version narrative, pulling together an impressive and enjoyable cover that still finds us grooving!

Milky Chance with ‘Dance Monkey’

‘Dance Monkey’ is one of those songs you either love or hate. But Milky Chance, with their eccentric energy and unseen composition, created a new face to the song- making a lot of us reevaluate our existing opinions. Dark, alluring, and mysterious, the cover is something removed from a post-apocalyptic reality. Milky Chance’s ability to throw an upbeat and vibrant track completely on its head is second to none, and it was created in such a seamless way that it presents itself as natural to the song. When the world seemed apocalyptic outside, at least we had a newfound soundtrack!



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