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Ula's 'Futon' Is The Sweetest TikTok Bop

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Sydney-based singer Ūla has just released the funky bedroom pop single ‘Futon’ after working with TikTok musician Christian Baiocco and his team in a pandemic boredom fuelled lullaby. Christian, who can be found on TikTok under the username @givemetheaux, says on his video introducing the song that ‘this is the one good thing to come out of my pandemic experience.’

Singer-songwriter and TikTok star Ūla found herself using the platform to record cover songs from her home in Sydney, and posted them as a way to get through the sheer boredom that came hand in hand with quarantine. This exploded her popularity on the platform, amassing over 300,000 followers over her gentle vocals that are perfect for bedroom pop.

The infectious melody and endearing vocals of this track are like the getting to the last lollies in the packet - they taste sweeter and you're sad when they're finished. Futon' was recorded entirely over TikTok and Zoom during the pandemic. Christian, who often posts videos of instrumental covers asking singers to duet, stated ‘In June, I came across her TikTok and showed it to my Los Angeles-based production team Online Friends. We loved her soothing vocals and vintage aesthetic, and knew we had to collaborate with her. Despite the 7000 mile distance, we managed to write and record the song over the video conferencing app Zoom, and on October 15th, after months of hard work, Ūla released Futon to all streaming platforms.’

TikTok has quickly found its way into becoming one of the greatest music sharing apps, having many singles being boosted by the videos – particularly those with the catchy dances everyone tries to learn. This short and sharp taste of singles allows unknown tracks to reach thousands or even millions of screens if the video trends.

My favorite comment on the TikTok video announcement comes from user @pnorman85, saying ‘Imagine being Charlie Puth seeing you didn’t make the cut’.

It really shows how they handpicked Ula for her musical dedication, and I can’t help but chuckle to myself at the idea of Charlie Puth being salty over not being picked.

Now, the song and its video has gone viral, amassing close to a million views on TikTok, with tens of thousands of spotify streams only days after the release of the single. The beachy track is definitely one to be played on repeat while waiting for this whole pandemic to be over.

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