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Tired Lion Brings Life To 2020 With Single 'Cya Later'

Photo credit: Tired Lion by Haidee Lorenz

Tired Lion’s latest release ‘Cya Later’ brings bright joy into what has been a pretty bleak year, and with an album Breakfast of Pathetics on the way on 20 November, the end of the year will surely be flooded with fireworks.

‘Cya Later’ plays on the same indie-rock feels brought on earlier this year with upbeat banger ‘Waterbed’, however, it shows flexibility in terms of being able to bring down the tone and provide a slower, mesmerising track.

The guitar filled introduction is heavily reminiscent of Silversun Pickups, with looping and overlaying layers building the song towards its end. Gentle accompanying percussion break through occasionally, drawing the song into a tight rhythm that never once wavers. There are loads and loads of musical influences ringing through this track, with likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies and Press Club having nods of the head towards.

Use of overlaying harmonies gives the song a light and airy feel, despite the pretty bleak gist of the song- which clearly describes massive uncertainty in extremely uncertain times.

The angelic and flexible vocals can turn from biting to sugar sweet in a second- an edge creeps into her voice and is gone before you know it.

"This song was my attempt to desperately try and find my way out of a bout of depression where I had completely hidden myself from the world", explains Hopes.
"I guess I needed a way to set myself free and find a way to be okay. I moved to Brisbane and was missing my family a lot. When I was writing this song I wanted to use a happy memory that would have the power to take me back to that place."

Lyrics like "The air smells so different this year/ are you over it?” encourage this creeping uncertainty that wavers through the song. One thing that is certain though, is the absolute duality of this track. Whilst it does carry a melancholic, longing air to it, it also carries an overwhelmingly large need to scream the chorus out in the middle of a big sweaty festival crowd. It's gentleness also brings along a harsher side which is more suitable for a yelling mosh pit. The upbeat and uplifting guitar is reminiscent to the good old days where it echoes through concert halls, mixing with loud, raucous singing.

'Cya Later' oxymoronically welcomes in the end of the year, and their upcoming album, with open arms and eagerly awaiting fans.

Tired Lion will celebrate the release of Breakfast For Pathetics on Thursday 19 November at Brisbane's Tivoli Hotel. Tickets to the limited capacity, distanced gig are available now.

Tired Lion's Breakfast For Pathetics, will be released on November 20 via Dew Process/ Universal Music.

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Tired Lion 'Breakfast For Pathetics' Tour 2019

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