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Tourist Drive Takes You On The Scenic Route With 'Feelinz'

Tourist Drive by @hinetap

If you’re attuned to the local music scene in Brisbane, the name Finn Diggles may ring a bell. You would normally see him helming the guitar for bands like Dopamine and Mum’s Tennis Friends, but now, you’ll also see him steering a new solo project known as Tourist Drive. Today, he’s releasing his debut single for the project titled ‘Feelinz’.

Taking influence from King Kruel, Beach Fossils and Sorry, ‘Feelinz’ depicts two people falling out of love and how that affects their relationship. It’s a heartbreaking message but told beautifully through the relatable lyrics.

The song is best described as a dreamy production filled with hazy synth lines and fuzzy guitar riffs. The verses slowly drift while the chorus punches into gear with its heavy percussion and distinctive lyrics. Perhaps the best element that ties everything together is the vocals. The way the rich tone blends with the blasé delivery is reminiscent of something we would hear from the late Lou Reed. It’s rough around the edges, yet perfectly encapsulates the feeling of loss.

This week we were lucky to have a chat with Diggles on ‘Feelinz’, the story of Tourist Drive and what we can expect from the project.

You have experience playing in bands like Dopamine and Mum's Tennis Friends. What made you branch off and create your own project? I have always wanted to do my own music but I have never had enough time with all the other commitments of the other bands. The Tourist Drive project has been in the works for about a year and now it is becoming a reality which is really exciting!

As Tourist Drive, what are your major musical influences? My major influences are King Kruel, Fritz and Froth. My dream collaboration would be to work with Mount Kimbi. I adore their music.

Feelinz is a great debut. What was the process like creating it? Thank you! I was trying to push myself and write a song that was in 5/4 trying not to make it obvious. I wrote the guitar line first and then everything else kinda rose up around it.

What does the future look like for Tourist Drive?

I’m planning on doing some more live shows and working on getting a band together. Also planning on dropping a lot more music!

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