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Under The Radar: SADBOii Has Everyone Else Smiling With Release Of ‘Avocado Toast’

Image credit: via SADBOii's socials

When you’re at a party and you hear ‘Hey Ya’ come on, your hips will start shaking before André 3000 has even counted to three. If you’re at the club and you hear ‘Swimming Pools’ by Kendrick Lamar come on, you’ll probably feel an urge to cram tequila down your throat. If you’re in the car with friends and ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse comes on, you’ll likely find yourself harmonising with Amy’s decision to refrain from attending a rehabilitation facility. There’s something agonisingly poetic about songs that are born from pain, yet also make your feet move on a dance floor. It’s an extremely difficult skill to make a song that is equal parts emotionally and rhythmically engaging, yet there’s a new Sydney artist who seems to have got the formula. And so we introduce to you, SADBOii's 'Avocado Toast'.

SADBOii is self described as ‘Just a big ol’ nerd writing happy songs about being sad’" and luckily for listeners, he’s doing it very very well. SADBOii’s debut single ‘Nothing’ rocketed to a million streams on Spotify and it’s not too difficult to work out why. His tracks are absurdly catchy but there’s real substance behind each of them. His latest release ‘Avocado Toast’ is written in a way where it could close down Splendour on a Sunday night, or silence a cafe during a quiet acoustic session.

The track is a beautiful ode to his mother and asks maybe the scariest question there is to ask your mother, ‘Do I make you proud?’. The sound of the track falls somewhere between Tame Impala and The Wombats, but SADBOii undoubtedly has his own unique presence. The disco influenced synths give the track an instant grandiose quality, it sounds like rollerblading through the city as the world moves around you. You might feel like you’re in the final scene of a coming of age film, with the layered vocals and infectious drums only adding to the cinematic feel.

‘Avocado Toast’ is SADBOii’s third release and, though they’ve all been spectacular, it really is the best one yet. His persona is a bit mysterious but we know that he’s been in and around the industry for a while before growing sick of major label constraints and creating the SADBOii moniker. A quick peek at his socials will show you that his artistic vision doesn’t stop with the music, he has a defined aesthetic for himself that perfectly complements the groovy yet futuristic sound of his songs.

It’s always incredibly exciting to see an artist who looks set to take flight, however, I think we’re already watching SADBOii fly.

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