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Seasonal Selection: Electric Blues and Autumn Shoes

Updated: May 26, 2021

Unfortunately, us Australians don't have the luxury of really appreciating Autumn. Usually, it's gone before we can even catch it. Sure, some leaves get a bit more brown and the weather drops a fair. But that's about as much to be expected.

With the colder weather approaching, see this as an opportunity to flex the finer aspects of our culture. This country's so much more than Mick Fanning punching sharks or duct-taping cricket balls. Opt-out for your summer lager for our impeccable wines produced in the Barossa Valley. Go check out some of the beautiful site our rainforests have to offer rather than those sweaty-overcrowded beaches. Finally, sacrifice those Billabong boardshorts for a long dreary coat that just screams, "Have you read Trent Dalton yet?"

No need to worry. Fortunately at Livewire, we have a solution. Though this playlist of tunes can't manifest beautiful orange leaves and long walks through Central Park, it offers something a little more grounding. With a smorgasbord of genres and influences, this is our Seasonal Selection showcasing what's currently going on with emerging Aus music.

Rosie Jones - 'Something for the Numb'

The term electro Pop is a lot like a frisbee, it's light, its catchy and it has something to do with electricity. Rosie Jones' electric single is no exception, sporting subtle influences from the likes of Grimes and CHVRCHES.

This slow-burning song expresses the ache of climate anxiety.

Definitely, a statement that can't be discussed nearly enough. This track demonstrates the artist's potential as a singer and songwriter with a catchy melody and soaring vocals. Stay tuned and see what else Jones has later in store for the near future.

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Grids & Dots - 'Dishes and Days'

Melancholy's a word not so much used to describe sadness, but the beauty the feeling has to offer. Grid's & Dot's definitely achieved this in their new single 'Dishes and Days.' Think My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins..all that late 80's to 90's good stuff.

"We'll sort it out tonight."

The song feels like a distant memory. Sitting back with a loved one at the end of a warm summer day. That was a while ago and you don't really talk anymore. you wish you could go back. And Like this experience, you know the track's special because it makes you sad in the best kind of way. Very The Cure-esque indeed.

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Sugar Soap - Lonely Eyes

This is the sorta song that would be right at home in an 80's surf edit. Vibrant, it blows through like a lovely breeze while you sit on your board, waiting for the next ride. Even the name, 'Sugar Soap,' is likeable A funky flamenco beat is spiced with a crunchy indie jangle. Like the name foretells the tasteful lick is far on the sweeter side. However, catching a wave, the songs foreseeable to where it goes yet insanely fulfilling.

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Ultra Dude - 'Fuck it Up'

Life's going well, seemingly nothing can go wrong. But we manage to find a way to "Fuck it Up." Eerily similar to early Tame Impala, this is a sweet take on the typical indie rock song. Almost androgynous vocals hash over a precise guitar line and twilight-zonesque synths. The upbeat tune seems to betray a deeper desire to escape from oneself. Its Last Dinosaurs for the escapist

The artists give some backstory, "I was feeling stuck, so I decided to jump on a plane. I packed a backpack, a laptop and my guitar, and headed to the last place I’d felt at peace; Lombok, Indonesia”. Hard not to get jealous, by the sounds of a holiday like that.

This song reassuring uniting us in a feeling that we all share. Though we might all feel sometimes getting on a plane away to Indonesia, one short term solution is definitely a good listen to this tune.

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Forrest Run -'Dream'

Mysterious, vulnerable and accusatory. You would think this is describing the next blockbuster thriller. Wrong. One might be surprised to hear Forest Run's new single, 'Dream,' offering something new on the popular sphere of indie pop, with spaced-out instrumentals over semi-wrapped lyrics. Since Rage Against the Machine, it's not often that hip hop offers a mix with such a unique blend of rock so well.

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The Urban Sea - 'Like a River'

This is a cocktail of tropical influences, funk-laid backed instrumentals, as well as a mesh of reggae and folk. Think Ocean Alley meets Fleet Foxes, with a sax solo thrown in for good measure. Rich lyrics with a fantastic hook the song details love and its consequences. Though a fairly young group the boys are definitely growing into something of their own.

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Marcus Arch - 'What Becomes of Me'

This song desperately tries to get you to feel something, and it's rather successful. Husky vocals howl on the very break of tears. Crashing into the chorus of passionate piano, with a head voice that offers nostalgic variety. This is the sort of song you'd see on mum's favourite Euro dramedy about the little dog that just couldn't make it. The track is in some ways reminiscent 2000s Adele or Five for Fighting but with a feel too genuine for radio.

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Hideous Sun Demon - 'Squitter'

From ‘24 hour Dinga Banga Party Mix’ to 'Moan for Jesus, These boys have built up quite the repertoire of questionable song titles. And only to add further to this list of innuendos boys have just dropped ‘Squitter.’ Cue it on the playlist you should go to expect some raised looks for that very first verse,

“Smelly Surprise, before my eyes, from wet to dry

The brown brigade, from bowels I made, down by the lake

Oh the embarrassment, oh the harassment, oh how I do lament

What my God has sent

Another day, a walk of shame, down by the lake”

One can only guess what this means. not that they should want to. Droning guitars yelled vocals and obnoxious drums. To its merit the group sounds a lot like early Black Flag with an even more pissed-off Henry Rollins. If that was possible to begin with.

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