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Vermont Can't Be 'Erased' With Their First Single Of The Year

Representing the 3133, Melbourne based marauders Vermont have released their new melodic single 'Erased'. More than up and comers in Melb's Alt-Rock scene, Vermont have used the time taken from them as a band from the pandemic to not only hone their performing but their entire sound and direction. 'Erased' debuts a heavier new sound for Vermont, the band explain the release, with it’s newer style and sound,

holds true to the direction that we want out of Vermont - a grittier, more melodic and mature sound to represent the future of the band.”

This newfound maturity from Vermont certainly bodes well for their future, and if 'Erased' is anything to go by, we highly anticipate their forthcoming works.

A melodic tour de force, the single premiered on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud.

The song's crisp mix is matched by an intense vocal performance from lead singer Joshua Swanwick, impressing with peppered controlled screams and infectious melody. The considered lyric's catch one's eye, as Vermont evokes feelings of remorse, and internal distance.

'Reality keeps on calling,

but it's never been kind,

it's a bitter truth that we long for

the life we once left behind'

A catchy, emotional chorus bellows over clean guitars,

‘Save me from myself,

save me from myself,

erase me,

erase me from your head'

This structured, sombre soliloquy of pain and loss is a welcomed return for Melbourne's Vermont who plan to make the coming years their own. More motivated than ever, Vermont remind us that they are major players in the competitive Australian heavy scene.




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