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Video Premiere: Darcy Doe 'Fitzroy Baby'

Images by Geniie Jam Media

Gold Coast / Yuhambe pastel pop priestess Darcy Doe is out with a new video today. 'Fitzroy Baby' is a song about wild nights with friends, youthful exuberance and lifelong memories and comes neatly packaged with a video to match. Whilst only her sophomore release, the artist is to the moon and back with music talent & colourful moves on the D floor. Check out this incredibly playful video below!

Directed by friend & musician Alisha Todd (GENIIE BOY) and filmed at Tweed Valley Studio, the video features Darcy and her dolls (portrayed by Sophie Burcell & Allison Worrall) as they have the best night ever. Featuring blinding rays of happiness, chortling fat rolls of sick beats, heel clickin' merriment and a BRATZ passion for fashion, the video is everything you need to get you up on a Thursday morning.

The song is a love-letter to raucous nights out with besties, reminiscing on laugh-fuelled evenings on the town. The warmth and childish glee are the perfect thing to dispel winter, so celebrate the first day of spring with a dollop of Darcy Doe.

Huge shout out to the artist and keep on rocking. Thanks again to Darcy Doe with their latest single 'Fitzroy Baby' keeping us poppin' & lockin' in the shower. Get this groove simulator up in your gregarious gills today!

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Single Cover Art for 'Fitzroy Baby'



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