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WA Music Week: Noah Dillon, A Few Of My Favourite Things

There is a lot to love about the beautiful state of WA, and singer-songwriter Noah Dillion is definitely one of them. Growing up a Perth local, Noah has been navigating his way around the growing west coast music scene since his first single release ‘The Man I’m Not’ in 2017. Since then, Noah has picked up incredible traction, coming in as the 4th most played artist Triple J Unearthed in 2020 following three delightfully unique yet classically Noah Dillon singles. Noah’s tunes put forward reflective, poetic lyrics and crunchy, interesting music courtesy of his stellar band mates Sam Rocchi (guitar), Claudia Genovese (bass) and Jack Hill (drums). His latest drop, ‘That’s Just How I Feel’, epitomises his numinous ability to communicate life’s more complex emotions through contagious melodies individualistic progressions.

It is clear Noah is definitely a man of taste, so we asked him to put forward his top five favourite things about the great West. From coffee shops to the best beach spots, here are Noah Dillon’s hottest picks.


This station puts everything into the Perth music scene and WA music really wouldn’t be the same without it. I got SO much love for everyone that works there and puts time into this community.

Best Wishes

The best coffee shop in town!!! Yummy bagels, delish coffee, amazing people it’s a real winner. If you’re in Fremantle and craving a caffeine hit, I cannot recommend best wishes enough <3

Leighton Beach

There are lots of amazing beach spots in WA, but Leighton beach holds a really special spot in my heart. I grew up in north Fremantle for the first 20 years of my life and would walk across the footbridge every afternoon to have a swim at Leighton. Besides the nostalgia it has the bluest water and feels the closest to being down in the south west whilst still being in the city.

Swan Draught

Refreshing, tastyyy, wholesome, light, fun.

The Bird

As a band I think we really found our legs playing at the bird. It’s located in Perth and has an amazing band room with a great beer garden. The staff are the best and the gigs manage to walk a line between being busy and energetic whilst still intimate.

Noah’s That’s Just How I Feel tour kicks off in March at Perth’s Milk Bar. Sure to be an unmissable return to live music for him and the gang, you’d be silly not to grab tickets to what will be a night of dancing, crying and all things in-between.

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