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We All Drive Pull No Dead Weight In 'Girrawheen Street'

Updated: May 26, 2021

A six-foot hole of heavy, this track is easy to dig. We All Drive are back with this confessional new single 'Girrawheen St.' Blasted vocals, pummeling riffs and stoned drum rhythms, the dark spawn of such Metal deity’s as Blacks Sabbath, Royal Blood and Deftones. Never has an Australian coastal punk been distilled to such an evil form.

"'Girrawheen Street' is a song that was written in our early days as a band, written to tell the story about my childhood and my current place in life."

The track is badass. It’s like the end of an action movie but all good guys are dead and the rain's pouring down. That kinda badass. The villain laughs ominously at the screen. Roll credits...End.

Prepare for a lethal injection of heavy to the main artery as these riffs could be sold on the streets, they're that addictive. Granted, this is a dose of whiplash to last you more than a week. A bridge that echoes the age-old fields of a raging moshpit in all the glory of blood, sweat and beers. More than ideal for a live setting for any devoted thrasher.

So DZ Deathrays move aside, as Australia has new metal overlords to take the cold throne. Listeners beware headbanging to this might cause the contents of one's skull to become the texture of a chocolate Oak thick-shake. Hungry, Thirsty…Shred.

Plug this in your Ear Holes!

Upcoming Shows June 4 - O'Skulligans, Fortitude Valley Brisbane (with King George and Feral Fatigue) June 5 - Beach Burrito, Coolangatta Gold Coast (with Harry J Hart) June 18 - The Met Hotel, Toowoomba (with Cardboard Cutouts)

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