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We’re Not Stubborn, We Just Love DENNIS.’ New Single ‘Stuck In My Ways’

Australian indie pop just won’t stop with releasing bops. This time, the Gold Coast’s indie pop star, DENNIS. has us grooving in our chairs to her latest single ‘Stuck In My Ways’. Inspired by the period of “moving in with a partner for the first time”, DENNIS. is holding nothing back as she successfully captures all the exciting feelings and nerve wracking thoughts that come with taking a leap forward.

“All your fears and worries suddenly are thrown in your face and there is nowhere to hide. However in my experience you realise that your new home is not so much about that four letter code and how you fit into this new world together, instead your home is the person you share this new way of living life with,” says DENNIS.

While the track has a feel-good throwback sound to it, it also feels contemporary and fresh. Comprised of pulsing beats enveloped within an airy sound, guitar strings scale up and down the song’s soundscape to keep the listener engaged at all levels. While the song firmly plants itself within indie pop, there’s also a commercial quality to it that makes ‘Stuck In My Ways’ a track with considerable crossover appeal. In that regard, a special mention should also go out to Tom Eggert (the track’s producer), Jarryd Shuker (the mixer) and the mastering done by George Gerogiadis. Together, DENNIS.’ collaborators have created an infectious track that’ll be stuck in your head long after you listen to it.

At the same time, DENNIS.’ vocals and songwriting deserve to be recognised. DENNIS.’ voice is quintessential indie pop. They float above the song’s soundscape, but are also full enough to hold their ground within the track’s production. Her tone is beautiful and crystalline, the perfect juxtaposition to the beat-heavy track. Her songwriting is also captivating. The sincerity of DENNIS. and her songwriting partner, Cam Nacson, is woven into every word and lyric. ‘Just when I thought I was fine on my own / you got up in my heart and then my head it follow[ed]’ DENNIS. sings each chorus. It’s simple and heartfelt lyricism, something that anyone can find themselves lost in.

All in all, ‘Stuck In My Ways’ is a catchy bop that needs to be listened to. DENNIS.’ star continues to rise, and if ‘Stuck In My Ways’ is any indication, DENNIS. will soon reach space and beyond.

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