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Weatherstate Shine Bright With New Single ‘Hangar’

Photo by Rob Carroll

Native Weymouth punk band, Weatherstate, have forged their musical path through embedding their music with the influence of the roots of punk and pop-punk music we have all come to love (because it was never a phase)! However, the release of their latest single ‘Hangar’, the first single released under the watchful eyes of new label Rude Records, has seen the band uproot their past, and instead burrow deep into new musical realms to construct a refreshing, eccentric, and individual sound.

The song works hand in hand with its lyrics to construct a story fitting for our current times. Through the grimy and grungy vocals of Harry Hoskins, and powerful, dangerously intrusive instrumentals of the band, a message of becoming numb to the world surrounding, and becoming hyper-aware of one’s own self is amplified. Through the COVID scape we have all become familiarized with, it is near impossible not to relate to the struggles of feeling alone, the isolation of yourself from others, and most importantly, the ramifications of that time alone (whether it lead to baking six loaves of bread, or called for a more prominent self-evaluation).

Harry explains further;

“The track is about a phone call to a friend last summer, about how f*cked everything is. Growing numb and bitter towards everything and everyone, but also learning to find peace within our own individual coping mechanisms. Understanding that sometimes a crutch is needed to stay sane, whether that be self-destructive, or progressive through the helping hand of a friend.”

Through both a catchy and comforting chorus, and a creative, alluring mix of instrumentals, ‘Hangar’ not only becomes a track of universality through shared experiences, but most importantly, a song of comfort through shared experiences.

Accompanying the track, Weatherstate also released a music video of astronomical proportions (or... almost). Through the power of zoom and production skills, the band created an intriguing video with an evident space theme.

Whilst we had no initial plans in place for music videos at that time, his initial vibe on the track kept coming back to thoughts about outer space, which ended up snowballing into something much greater.” says guitarist Callan Milward

Hand in hand, the song and video are both comforting reminders of the creativity that can blossom through hardships, and the growth it can lead individuals, or bands, upon.

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