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Wilson’s Prom Premiere Sweet New Single ‘Manifest Protagonist’

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Image: Nick Mckk

Melbourne based darlings Merpire and Feelds present their new lovechild Wilson’s Prom - a project that has amalgamated from their time spent together during the classic 2020 setting of isolation. 

The talented pair have joined forces, writing and recording an EP based around a fictional high school prom night that takes place back in the 1950s. So far they have released two singles, the first ‘Love Fool’ and the second ‘Manifest Protagonist’, which both have a similar, yet distinctive sound. It was the duo’s objective to base each song off the EP from a different ‘character's’ perspective and experience of the aforementioned prom night - Wilson’s Prom, and present it to the listener through a “sonic dream-state of love and hopeful hopelessness.”

Manifest Protagonist is a sweet song that encapsulates the feeling of nostalgia and teenage escapism. It’s easy to imagine yourself slowly dancing with your high school sweetheart in the gym-converted-prom setting with this dreamy pop ballad playing in the background. 

“To form the story, we really became swept up in the concept of leaning into a 1950's theme visually, and used it to create music that weaves in and out of different decades. This inspiration helped us to ponder on the fact that one's thoughts and imagination isn't confined by decades, themes or genre; and that everyone has a different perspective on life and their surroundings in general - even if it is a moment shared with others.” Said the pair.

The EP will be released in full on Wednesday, 4th November 2020 so keep an eye out!

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