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Winifred Welcomes Us ‘Into The Night’ With New Single

There’s a new girl in town and she’s making a name for herself. Melbourne artist Winifred, has released ‘Into The Night’. A follow up from her debut single, ‘Chain’, the alt-pop bop sees Winifred exploring the importance of being true to yourself.

"Into The Night is about the nuance of power struggle, establishing yourself and retaining your integrity.”

The track itself is modern pop at its finest. Produced by Sydney based musician, Chí, ‘Into The Night’ is ethereal and golden in its sound as if we’re somehow listening to a Michaelangelo painting. The sounds and beats ebb and flow like waves. Energising and all consuming, they rise up during the chorus and crash down with Winifred’s vocals riding them. It is clear to see on this track that Winifred is a vocalist. Her voice has a fresh and airy tone that elevates the song to a whole new dimension.

“Its about finding the balance of remaining open minded in seeking common ground but knowing where to draw the line, not allowing yourself to become intimidated as you navigate your way. The introspective struggle unfolds throughout the verses, confidence begins to stir in the pre chorus and then bursts into a newfound freedom when the chorus hits,” says Winifred.

All in all, ‘Into The Night’ is a welcome addition to Winifred’s catalogue. The song is just begging to have a dance remix. With a sound that is familiar but original, and a voice that sets her apart from her peers, Winifred is beginning to make a splash in the Australian music scene. And we’re excited for more.

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