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Wolfe's On The Run With Her Latest Track 'I'll Never Be Happy Again'

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Image credit: Sarah Wolfe | Supplied

'I'll Never Be Happy Again' is the latest release by Sydney singer/songwriter Sarah Wolfe, who combines two distinctly different flavours of pop and punk into one huge and delicious track.

The sweet and shouted vocals remain delicate and dangerous at the same time, as Wolfe describes the post-breakup rage, longing and confusion. It is the perfect, cathartic tune you have to listen to to remind yourself to be a bad bitch and not text them back at 3am when you’re wine drunk. Or not. I’ll let you test it and decide...

The mini breakdown of the final chorus crashes into the huge, jagged outro that truly sounds like it's being played on the moon. It creates a whole atmosphere effect with massive looming guitar riffs and echoed, distorted vocals that make it sound like the song is being played into the universe, bouncing off stars and planets. This place is hinted to in tiny fragments of the song prior- with scattered and sprinkled specks of echoed synths submerged throughout the track. Overlapping guitar riffs are battling for prominence throughout the whole track, creating a really nice contrasted sound.

Just like the ending, the track was just as climactic throughout, managing to keep an upbeat tempo that's good enough to dance around the living room in your undies to. It has notes of punk-ish elements mixed with pop and electronica based inspiration- picture Clairo and Avril Lavigne combined into one- to create a whole new sound in the form of Sarah Wolfe.

Each one of her previous releases has paved the way for this pop-fuelled punk release 'I’ll Never Be Happy Again', and onwards and upwards for her future releases. Wolfe is clearly on her way to the top with her fresh take on what the industry needed.

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