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Woodes drops cinematic soundtrack of our dreams with EP 'Hibernation'

Photography by Mads Colvin

If you’ve been searching for the eternally significant soundtrack to your life – search no further. Highly acclaimed Australian songstress Elle, the artist behind Woodes, has just dropped her timeless powerhouse of an EP, ‘Hibernation.’

An ethereal cinematic-pop masterpiece entrenched in enchantment, ‘Hibernation’ rises from the ashes with tender vulnerability into a grand era of empowerment.

With tracks ranking #3 on the ARIA charts, backing from Triple J and NME and entrancing performances at Splendour in The Grass and SXSW under her belt, Woodes is on an upward trajectory, enrapturing all who come across her signature sound.

“I love when I find music that inspires me or becomes my own soundtrack.”

Woodes outlines her hopes for this EP to do exactly this, and there’s no denying she’s succeeded with flying colours. ‘Hibernation’ will weave itself into the fabric of your life, connecting to our human experience on an ancestral level.

The EP opens with, 'Hibernate,' a densely instrumented graceful celebration of stepping into our own strength. Exploring the universally relatable sensation of emerging out of difficult times – the exultant fanfare in combination with echoes of delicate, silky vocals creates an overcoming sense of liberation and showcases the softness in strength.

“I’m learning to let go.”

By the time the bridge comes around, it feels almost as if your feet have been lifted off the surface of the Earth. The shift into growth is tangible – close your eyes and you’re marching into the sunset in ecstatic triumph.

'Don’t Look Back' is one of those tracks that hooks into the depths of your gut and stays there. A dark, grand, cinematic anthem – it’s almost futile to resist the powerful pull to move your body to the driving, almost-tribal drumbeat.

“Gonna stand up tall like the legends before us.”

This track paints a scene so vividly you can almost touch it. You’re right there with Woodes: running through the snow, pine trees flashing past as you set out on some urgent ancient quest. It feels as if it connects on a subconsciously ancestral level, placing us as the protagonists in the cinema of our own lives.

With 'War-Cry', Woodes calls for a unification of women to rise up and revolt against abuse in every way shape and form. The bridge creates a powerful siren-like shift, with a lilting choral backdrop that almost lulls us to sleep. She closes the track by singing us right back into power with a return to the chorus call to arms.

The EP finishes up with the appropriately titled ‘Heavenly,’ an exquisitely fragile display of vulnerability cloaked in layer upon layer of blissfully angelic vocal harmonies. Delicate acoustic guitar work and velvety cello interweave to create the perfect instrumental backdrop for this wistful final number, as she asks us the eternal question:

‘What are you waiting for?’

After a timeless journey out of the darkness, you’ll come up for air at the close of the EP feeling spectacularly revitalised and invigorated, and with a renewed sense of the strength we each hold in letting go.

Embarking on her AUSTRALIAN TOUR THIS NOVEMBER, fans will have the opportunity to experience the encompassing magic of Woodes live, with headline shows across Sydney and Melbourne and Sofar secret shows along the East Coast.

Secure your TICKETS HERE so you don’t miss out on the magic.

Stream the ‘Hibernation’ EP HERE.

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