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Woodes Gives Us A Glimpse Into Her 'Crystal Ball' With Debut Album

Woodes by Jordan Drysdale

Melbourne-based alternative artist Woodes has crafted a universe of her own with her debut album Crystal Ball. Featuring 10 other-worldly tracks, this album is a journey through Woodes’ deepest feelings and fantasies. Combining her passion for sci-fi, gaming and fantasy, she has created an atmospheric sound infused with shimmering electro-pop.

Woodes’ impressive discography spans across five years, starting with her 2016 debut EP which rose to the top 20 iTunes charts in 7 countries. She has continued to carve out her niche in the Australian indie-pop scene, performing at Splendour in the Grass and touring with spectacular talents including Thelma Plum and Sylvan Esso. Drawing on her background in modelling, Woodes is a master of creating visual aesthetics to match her artistic vision- and her debut album is no exception. Woodes created a “Crystal Ball Village” world on a private Minecraft server for fans to enter on the album release and explore alongside some other awesome aussie artists.

Woodes shared "It feels very momentous to be releasing my first album, Crystal Ball. It’s been created over the last two years. It’s been my biggest undertaking as a producer, writer & creative director.”

Woodes at The Milk Factory

Crystal Ball features already released singles ‘Euphoria’, ‘Queen Of The Night’, ‘Dancing In The Rain’, ‘Close’ and title track ‘Crystal Ball’. Woodes lets her creativity run wild, piecing daring samples and instrumentals together to explore infinite worlds. She packages song writing about real-world struggles into a transportative sound that would effortlessly fit into a fantasy soundtrack or indie radio.

‘Crystal Ball’ turns dark feelings of uncertainty and losing hope into something light, upbeat and magical. This multi-faceted track features “sparks, spells, electric bass, harp, mandolin & vocoder”. I was reminded of the intoxicating beats on ‘Sunflower, Vol. 6’ by Harry Styles.

Memories get so fuzzy/ Wonder if you will still love me one day/ Future gets so hazy/ And we look the other way/ Just to hope, just to cope

‘Close’ is the single Woodes describes as “the first piece of the puzzle” when working on this album. It talks about coping with the loss of someone you idolise and the rush to grow up we sometimes found ourselves falling into. This cinematic track features orchestral elements to create a rich but undeniably catchy sound.

It was a race to grow up/ It was my name that you called/ And I wanted to be just like you/ Wanted to be taller, too/ And I wonder if you see it too/ Wonder if that's how you knew

‘How Long I’d Wait’ is an uplifting pop anthem celebrating the brilliance of finding a connection with someone. This track layers electric guitar, symphonies, and electric beats to reflect Woodes’ giddy hope as she revels in her newfound love.

You're so familiar yeah/ I swear we've met before/ Eyes open sleepwalking/ I've never felt this sure

These highlights should be enough to entice you into Woodes' spectacular world of escape and beauty. Crystal Ball conjures up imagery of deserts, castles, wooded glens and battle scenes to venture into. This debut album is bold, thrilling and encapsulating from start to finish.

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