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You Better Think About Arty Ziff Because He 'Thought About You'

Image: Arty Ziff | Supplied

Melbourne might’ve spent a large part of this year in a straightjacket, but that hasn’t stopped the city from dripping with creativity through lockdown. With things (cautiously) looking up for the summer, Arty Ziff gave us ‘Thought About You’ as everyone slowly gets out of their bedroom and back on the dance floor. Today, Ziff has given us a music video to go with it.

Ziff has worked with Jam Nawaz to create the video for the song and it absolutely exceeds in not only capturing the atmosphere of the track, but elevating it to an all-consuming experience. Nawaz uses footage from his trip to Japan along with some slick edits to create a world of thermal colouring that couldn’t look closer to how the song sounds.

‘Thought About You’ is electronica with heavily sprinkled disco elements, welcomingly reminiscent of Daft Punk and The Avalanches. This track sounds like sweaty bodies and LED glow sticks at 2am in a forest somewhere. It couldn’t sound more fresh, yet still holds undertones of nostalgia as it conjures an image of bright flare pants and rhinestone jewels. The production is entrancingly atmospheric, sweeping you off your feet and keeping you floating in the air until the end of the song.

While Arty Ziff is responsible for the production, Melbourne electro artist Fractures sits his vocals perfectly on top of the beat. Having been giving the title of ‘Thought About You’, Fractures reflects on a relationship left in the past and what could’ve been done differently. Buried between the disco synths is a very relatable emotional journey, as a realisation of past missteps results in a temporary plea to ‘keep me in mind and come closer/come over’.

Ziff has been making his name known with Triple J plays and notable collaborations and ‘Thought About You’ seems destined to continue his ascent. This track marked the start of a new era for him as he moves away samples and towards synths and the energy he’s captured in ‘Thought About You’ is enough to get enough mouth smiling and any hips moving.

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