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ALBUM REVIEW: Donny Benét's 'Mr Experience'

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Mr Experience is the fifth album from Donny Benét.

The album is the perfect classy disco record to play this weekend. It’s a modern classic that features a smooth silky voice, funky bass and a whole bunch of electronics.

Kick starting the album is album titled track ‘Mr Experience’. It’s an upbeat, groovy listen and the instrumentals recall Daft Punk.

‘Moving Up’ and ‘Reach Out’ present the tastiest bass guitar you ever did hear, while ‘Second Dinner’ throws emphasis on Donny’s sweet vocals. ‘Second Dinner’ is more of a mellow dance song, however you’re still wanting to move those hips.

‘Girl Of My Dreams’ sweeps you away into a tropical synth fantasy and knocks you off your feet. Donny Benét presents his views on life, love and relationships through his music and this is one of those obvious realisations of the power of portraying your thoughts through music.

‘Negroni Summer’ will make you drool. Its bass is a cool, sexy addition to the album. The track showcases Donny’s high pitch vocal abilities and makes you crave a Negroni filled summer. Just when you think the song gives you all you need, the saxophone hits your ears and you know that this the song is an album highlight.

Mr Experience takes you on a disco holiday somewhere between the 80’s and outer space. Writing and recording his music all by himself, Donny Benét proves time and time again that he is a professional in the music industry. You just can’t stop listening to his sexy disco beats and playful lyrics.


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