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Alexander Biggs Announces Debut Album With New Single 'Low'

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Melbourne singer songwriter Alexander Biggs has announced his debut album Hit or Miss with the release of new single 'Low'. Self-described as a 'card-carrying high school emo', Biggs has mastered the art of transforming his agony into graceful art- and this single is no exception.

The 27-year-old artist has been releasing music since 2016, going on to support the likes of Julien Baker, Frightened Rabbit & Evan Dando (The Lemonheads). Alexander Biggs has received wide support across Australian radio and magazines, amassing over 11 million streams on Spotify. Continuing his reign of success, ‘Low’ is Biggs’ latest release since June.

'Low' is about being in a perpetual state of sadness, and sharing that with someone else in a very complicated way. Even in your joy and anger and everything in between, always feeling a thin veneer of low perpetual shades of blue.”

Biggs has incorporated this array of emotions into a sweet melancholic echo with a deeper sense of grief beneath the surface. Opening with raw acoustic guitar and high-pitched soothing vocals, ‘Low’ unfolds with a summer haze. Delicate percussion accompanies folk instrumentals as Alexander Biggs recites a love story.

Thrives in the dirt/ Spills her red wine/ Ruins my shirts/ Bloodies my nose/ Lips like a rose

Understated but stunning, Biggs’ piercing lyricism depicts a lover, ‘Ainslie’, who embodies the double-edged sword that is love. Although unpredictable and complex, Ainslie gives Biggssomewhere to go’ when he’s low. With slightly distorted background effects, this intimate track shares an imperfect story sure to resonate with many.

Biggs’ self-recorded and produced upcoming album Hit or Miss was created somewhat unconventionally, from blanket fort hideaways to a makeshift bedroom on the lounge floor of his mother’s house. This unassuming and raw touch to Alexander Biggs’ creative process makes him undeniably charming. The debut album Hit or Miss will be released on February 3 2021 and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp from November 5.

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