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‘Close’ by Woodes: When Music Becomes Magic

Image Credit: Supplied

Woodes (Elle Graham) has just released her new single ‘Close’, stirring up excitement for her upcoming album Crystal Ball, due November 13th. This stunning tune is one of curated simplicities and profound soundscapes that are perfectly complimented by an accompanying video clip shot by Alex Dyson. ‘Close’ is pure magic; a collision of great artistic minds coming together to produce a sensory experience that transcends beyond what our ears and eyes perceive, transporting us “somewhere beautiful” (Woodes speaking on the song).

Couped up in the confines of our homes for the better part of this year, this video clip takes you on a trip through dreamy Botswanan landscapes featuring ethereal afternoon rain showers and glorious African wildlife. The footage was shot DIY-style on a single Sony A7 camera, giving the clips a sense of pure authenticity that play heavily into the lyrical content and meaning behind the song. Dyson has undoubtedly done justice to what is a deeply personal song, elevating it through flawless visual capture.

The song emerges out of husky saxophone and camcorder crackle distortion, playing in perfect synergy with a pink-hued sunset. ‘Close’ was written and recorded with The Kite String Tangle, a collaboration fuelled by mutual love of soundtracks and orchestral and foley samples. The strength of this collaboration shows in the cascading marimba-like percussion and sprinklings of woodwind that seem to fall perfectly between Woodes’ divinely silken vocals.

Each additional musical element is incredibly unique, a feature hard to come by in the often-oversaturated world of electronic pop sampling. Woodes clearly has a tendency toward originality, writing songs since age 11 and going on to study music at the Victorian College of the Arts. Her strong ear for sonic ingenuity can be heard throughout ‘Close’ in her ability to leave exposed space, gifting the listener with moments to relish in the vast soundwall and poignant lyrics.

The lyrics of ‘Close’ deal with the loss of a family member, buried between a child’s ever present want to grow up. The chorus encompasses this notion with pure eloquence;

And in the end it was all we’d hoped/ Opened the door and you walked back home/ Sometimes I swear I can feel your ghost/ But what do I know?/ I just know you’re close/ I just know I’m close”.

Woodes’ compassion can be felt strongly through her music. Despite this being a song based on personal narrative, it feels as though Woodes is speaking to all of us, filling us with comfort and assurance. Her music is like medicine, healing our souls and inspiring us to savour the journey.In a time where we can’t be with our loved ones, in a time of collective grief and collective hope, I hope this song can take you somewhere beautiful” (Woodes, speaking on 'Close').

‘Close’ is dedicated to Deidre Mountjoy, Lynda Grant & Kay Resing

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